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$50 bounty! Fall in Cooper Guards! : Patriots to the rescue of your good old Keystone State, and one more rally for the Constitution and our glorious Union. All young men desirous of serving the above will do well to join this company Now let every youth

$50 bounty! To the rescue! : Recruits wanted for Capt. Thomas Cunningham's co. 60th Regiment P.M. for 100 days' service. Head-quarters, cor. of Sixth and Oxford Sts. Rally boys, rally! / Captain Thomas Cunningham. 1st Lieut. Basil Wood. 2d " Jas. H. Cunni

Washington Guard! 60th Regiment P.V.M. Colonel William F. Small. $50 bounty $50.

Rally veterans, citizens, young men, for the defence of the Capitol, the Union, and the flag. : Drive the invading traitors from the soil or bury them in it! The man who can, yet will not come forward now is a coward or a traitor, and will be branded as s

Co. C Capt. William L. Nichols, Washington Guard! Col. Wm. F. Small.

Co. F Captain James R. Hadley, Washington Guard! Col. Wm. F. Small.

"One more blow for the Union." A hundred days of glory! : In obedience to the calls of the president and governor, the 60th Regiment P.V.M. will again take the field in defence of the Union and of the violated soil of the state. All young men desirous of

26th Regiment Penn. Vol's First Brigade Hooker's fighting division!

Are you ready to march to the battle field? : If you are, join the gallant 26th Regiment, P.V. under the command of Col. W.F. Small, now in the Army of the Potomac. The most liberal bounties are now offered by the city, state and national government, and