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Cuba. Sugar plantation. Havana City and Harbor. Morro Castle. Santiago Cuba [graphic].

He'p yo'se'f to grapefruit from sunny Florida [graphic].

I'm yo' valentine chile! [graphic].

[African American man playing the cello] [graphic].

[African American man minstrel dancing] [graphic].

[African American man minstrel dancing with a cigar] [graphic].

[African American man minstrel] [graphic].

[African American infant sitting on a blanket] [graphic].

[African American man at the window with a white cloth] [graphic].

[African American man sticking his head through a sheet of paper] [graphic].

[African American child touching the hair of a crying white baby] [graphic].

[African American man minstrel playing the drums] [graphic].

The Start [graphic].

[African American man playing the triangle] [graphic].

[African American man minstrel playing the accordion] [graphic].

The Start [graphic].

[African American man attired in a gray hat with a blue striped band, a pink collared shirt with blue polka dots, and a green striped tie] [graphic].

[African American man attired in spectacles, a black top hat, a white shirt with an oversized collar, a red bowtie, and a plaid, beige jacket] [graphic].

[African American man smiling and carrying a watermelon] [graphic].

[African American man smiling and carrying a watermelon] [graphic].

See that hump? Something inside for you [graphic].

[African American boy butler carrying a bouquet of flowers] [graphic].

[Two African American women domestics baking bread] [graphic].

[African American man jockey] [graphic].

[African American man sailor] [graphic].

[African American man jockey] [graphic].

We have the nicest styles of men, boys & childrens' clothing at the Globe Clothing House no. 25 N. Eutaw St. near Lexington [graphic].

The City Store, No. 4 Main Street, Spartanburg, S.C., A. Freisleben, proprietor [graphic].

[African American man minstrel playing a drum] [graphic].

[African American domestics holding a white sheet] [graphic].

Sapolio [graphic].

Clark's trade mark 36 Mile-End spool cotton [graphic].

It stands at the head. "Domestic" sewing machine [graphic].

To the friends of negro emancipation, this print is inscribed

The wooing of the twins [graphic] : Universal, perfect and elegant stoves and ranges. Manufactured by Cribben, Sexton & Co., Chicago, Ill.

Try King's quick rising buckwheat. It is the best. The cook likes it [graphic].