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Group of teenagers standing in front of a stone porch, Philadelphia.

ASSU Illustration 3646

Two young men sitting on stoop in front of door in alley, Philadelphia.

Young man sitting on stoop, Philadelphia.

Four young men posing as gangsters, Philadelphia.

Two young men in three-piece suits standing in front of brick and brownstone house, Philadelphia.

Young man seated on stone support of porch steps, Philadelphia.

Two men on marble steps, Philadelphia.

Eleven men standing in front of brick wall, Philadelphia.

"I don't care for signs."

Two mature men sitting outside on a sofa, Philadelphia.

Man holding two small children on steps, Philadelphia.

Man standing with two women in courtyard, Philadelphia.

Three men and a little boy sitting on a wooden stoop, Philadelphia.

Man and woman sitting on marble steps, Philadelphia.

Seven men and a young boy sitting on brownstone steps, Philadelphia.

J. Smith, manufacturer of fine cigars, and dealer in tobacco, snuff, pipes, &c. 720 West Dauphin Street, near 4th and 8th Sts. depot, Philadelphia.

Finale of a breakfast on biscuits made of Heckers' self-raising flour.

Smoking room, Union League, Philadelphia

Men playing cards on stoop, Philadelphia.

Eight men and boys standing outside a brick building, Philadelphia.

Two dromios

Pollywogs, the five cent cigar. Hand made Havana filled. Gumpert Bros. manufacturers. Store 1341 Chestnut St. Factory 115, 117, 119, 121 S. 23rd St. Phila. For sale everywhere.

To a Tinker.

To a Tinker.

`Twould be a rather serious joke

Smoker of the filthy weed

I'm thinking e'er the day is o'er.

"Mack's milk chocolate." The best! It is pure! Ready for instant use. Boiling water only required.

Brennan, jeweler, 13 South Eighth St., Phila.

Geo. S. Harris & Sons. Printers & lithographers. Nos. 718, 720, 722, 724 Arch St. Philadelphia.

What is it?

Man with Pipe

My First Cigar.

Gin and Cigars.

Stable Keeper

Two boys strolling past temptation

The smokers. [graphic] / C.

"Watching Grandma smoke"

Smoke Day's standard Durham smoking tobacco

To be out of fashion

What, my chap

Just A Little Flattered

Pug-nosed Smoking Boy



[J.H. Richelderfer trade cards]

 To be out of fashion

You Don't Look