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Yes! I would the war were over: answer to When this cruel war is over; words & music by Alice Hawthorne.

Mother kissed me in my dream: ballad; words by Geo. Cooper; music by J.R. Thomas.

Under the daisies.

The roll of honor.

Just before the battle, Mother.

The faded coat of blue : or, The nameless grave / words and music by J.H. McNaughton.

Song of a thousand years: solo and chorus; words and music by Heny C. Work.

They pray for us at home : song and chorus / words by Ednor Rossiter ; music by B. Frank Walters.

Columbia's guardian angels / words and music by Henry C. Work.

Jefferson Davis in prison : song; words by Rev. J. Barker; music by Alfred Schmidt.

Grand national medley.

The picket guard.

Come in out of the draft, or, How are you, Conscript? : comic song / music by B. Frank Walters ; words by Ednor Rossiter.

Rally round the flag; words and music by Jas. T. Fields; music by Wm. B. Bradbury.

When the lonely watch I'm keeping: a soldier's reply to Weeping, sad, and lonely.

The drummer boy of Shiloh : as sung by the First Tenn. Concert Troupe / arranged for the piano forte by E. Clarke Ilsley.

Richmond is ours! Words and music by A.J.H. Dganne; music by Mrs. E.A. Parkhurst.

The song of the "contrabands" "O let my people go" : words and music obtained through the Rev. L.C. Lockwood, chaplain of the Contrabands at Fortress Munroe / arranged by Thomas Baker.

Song of the Negro boatmen at Port Royal, 1861. / Poetry by J.G. Whittier, Esq. ; Music by H.T. Merrill, author of "Take your gun and go John."

Good bye, Jeff! : song & chorus by P.P. Bliss.

Jenny Wade, the heroine of Gettysburg / words by Albert G. Anderson ; music by Rudolph Wittig.

Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!, or, The prisoner's hope. : Song and chorus. / By Geo. F. Root.

Is our banner still advancing: song & chorus; words by John H. Lozier; music by C.M. Currier.

Raw recruits, or, Abraham's daughter. / As sung with great applause by Bryants Minstrels of New York. ; Words by Charley Fox, ; arranged by W.L. Hobbs.