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The delusion.

"You brazen huzzy! You shall leave at this hour! And the least of your fault is the wasted flour."

[Scenes 6, 7, and 10 from the stereograph comic set "Mr. and Mrs. Newlywed's new French cook"]

Jackson, Rachel, 1767-1828.

When a man's married his trouble begins.

"Be patient, dear; don't swear."

Bliss disturbed! Quarter past one a.m.

[Incomplete series of genre stereographs satirizing the New Woman]

"Sew on your own buttons, I'm going for a ride."

A Farmer's Wife.

The "new woman."

Don't get the clothes too blue!

The new woman--wash day.

The "new man" on Blue Monday.

The new woman--wash day.

What is home without a husband?

Don't tell me you won't wash.

"Sew up your own buttons, I'm going for a ride."

Ware, Mary L. (Mary Lovell), 1798-1849.

Madison, Dolley, 1768-1849.

Duer, Catherine, 1755-1826.

Dow, Peggy, 1780-1820.

Beekman, Jane, 1734-1817.

Otis, Sally Foster, 1770-1838.

Pinkham, Rebekah P. (Rebekah Porter), 1792-1839.

Carroll, Harriet Chew, 1775-1861.

d'Yrujo, Sally McKean, 1777-1841.

Mrs. Henry, Daughter & Son

Huntington, Susan, 1791-1823

Izard, Alice, 1746?-1832.

Jay, Sarah Livingston, 1756-1802.

Allen, Eliza Crosby, 1803-1848.

Adams, Abigail, 1744-1818.

Washington, Martha, 1731-1802.

King, Mary Alsop, 1769-1819.

Genet, Cornelia Clinton, 1774-1810.

McFarland, Elizabeth, 1780-1838.

Hamilton, Elizabeth Schuyler, 1757-1854.

Goodrich, Mary Ann Wolcott, b. 1765.

Breckinridge, Margaret, 1802-1838.

The Wife. By Washington Irving.

The Wife. By Washington Irving. [graphic] / P.H.R.

"Have dinner at one dear."