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North-east view of St. Peter's Church (Episcopal) Philada. [graphic] / Drawn on stone by W. L. Breton.

St. Peters Church postcards.

[St. Peter's Protestant Episcopal Church, S.W. corner of 3rd & Pine Streets, Philadelphia.] [graphic].

Panorama of Philadelphia S.E. from State House.

West view of St. Peter's Church, Philadelphia. April 1_1842.

North-east view of St. Peter's Church (Episcopal) Philada.

Revd. Dr. Blackwell's house and residence until his decease, on the south side of Pine Street, between Second and Third Streets in the picture opposite the public street lamp. [graphic] : Govr. John Penn's residence where the deceased, (in the picture), n

Joseph Sims old mansion. Next south of St. Peters' church ground on the west side of Third Street near Lombard St. (part of the church, and Pine St., house in the view). [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

Philadelphia, from the State House steeple, north, east and south.

Saint Peter's Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Old Landmarks and Relics of Philadelphia Album, Second Series

Old landmarks & relics of Philadelphia. Second series.