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"One flag. One country. Zwei lager." [graphic] : Gurney & Son, photo. N.Y.

[Stone bridge in winter]

Horses, horses, horses : 100 horses wanted for artillery. The subscriber will be at [blank] [blank] [blank] to buy horses. None but sound ones will be bought. / Isaac Heulings.

[Woman feeding pigs.]

Home again. [graphic] / From the original painting by J. Noel Paton.

Home "on sick leave" [graphic] / . Edw. F. Mullen N.Y.

Home on sick leave. [graphic] / Gurney & Son, photo. N.Y.

Extracts from recent correspondence in relation to fugitives from slavery in America..


"Mending their ways" [graphic] / R. S. Redfield.

[Boy fishing in a stream] [graphic] / R.S. Redfield.

[Fenced cows] [graphic].

[Five cows in pasture] [graphic].

[Woman with bonnet in a garden] [graphic].

[Woman with bonnet in a garden] [graphic] / R.S. Redfield.

"Crackers and milk." [graphic] / R. S. Redfield.

[Dwelling with portico and belvedere cupola.]

[View of dwellings from tree-lined sidewalk.]

[Woman standing on steps near open porch of dwelling.]

[View of wooden pedestrian bridge spanning a small canal.]

[Stone arch bridge.]

[Unknown group eating watermelon.]

[Cows at an unidentified farm.]

[View of canal bridge with adjacent mill building.]

[Man diving from a rowboat.]