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Young man standing before a storefront, Philadelphia.

Five young men sitting outside a corner grocery store, Philadelphia.

John Frank Keith standing in front of store, Philadelphia.

Bought of Canby, Gilpin & Co. Import and export druggists & druggists sundrymen. North west corner Light & Lombard Streets.

Bought of Mackeown, Thompson & Co., wholesale druggists, 195 Liberty Street, Pittsburgh

Moss, upholsterer, No. 127 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.

[Office of Elliston P. and Marriott C. Morris], 21 N. 7th St. Phila[delphia] [graphic].

[Market Street, looking east from below Twelfth Street, Philadelphia]

No. 150 Chesnut [sic] Street Philadelphia.

[Billheads of Houston Drug Company, druggists, Houston, Tx.]

Bought of Browning & Brothers, wholesale druggists, and dealers in white and red lead, litharge, linseed oil, oil of vitriol, window glass, putty, dye stuffs, &c.&c. No. 33 Market Street.

[Billheads of William F. Nick, apothecary, dealer in drugs, medicines, and chemicals, Erie, Pa.]

Bot. of Frederick Klett & Co., wholesale dealers & importers of drugs, medicines, dye-stuffs, paints, black lead and sand crucibles, window glass &c.

[Business stationery of Gerity Brothers, wholesale druggists, 126 Lake St. Cor. Carroll, Elmira, N.Y.

[Business correspondence of Weeks & Potter, importers & jobbers of drugs and druggists sundries, Boston, Ma.]

[Billheads of C.J. Lincoln Co.,wholesale druggists, Little Rock, Arkansas]

Bought of Stretch, Bennett & Co. (Successors to Peter T. Wright & Co.) Importers of and dealers in drugs and medicines. Also brandies & wines for medical purposes. No. 609 Market St.

Old House [G.H. Dyson Boot and Shoemaker], no. [blank] Main St. below Duys Lane, [Germantown] [graphic].

[Proofs before titles of lithographs for City Sights for Country Eyes] [graphic].

Masonic Temple on Chestnut St. between 7th & 8th Sts. Phil. Pa.

[Billheads of William B. Blanding, druggist, 54 & 58 Weybosset St., Providence, R.I.]

[Business stationery of J. L. Lyons & Co., wholesale druggists, importers and manufacturing chemists, 222,224 & 226 Camp, 529, 531, 533, 535 & 537 Gravier Sts., New Orleans, La.]

[Collection of letterheads and billheads of Wells, Richardson & Co., later Wells & Richardson Co., wholesale druggists, Burlington, Vt. completed to C. N. Williams, Elizabethtown, N.Y.]

[Billhead and envelopes of Wilson Drug Co., wholesale druggists, Charlotte, N.C.]

[C.L.] Eberle's [drug] store from our parlor window, (cor[ner] Church La[ne] & Main St[reet]) seen from 5442 [Germantown Avenue, Deshler-Morris House] [graphic].

[Eighth Street looking south from Arch Street]

Panorama of Philadelphia from the State House Steeple. North.

Panorama of Philadelphia from the State House steeple. North.

[Collection of business stationery of C.H. Butterworth & Co., wholesale druggists and dealers in paint, Philadelphia, Pa.]

[Business stationery of McKesson & Robbins, importers and jobbers in drugs and druggists' articles and manufacturing chemists, New York]

[Billheads from J.D. Marshall & Bros., later D. Marshall & Bro., druggists, 1215 Market Street, Philadelphia to E. Somers]

Bought of Eimer & Amend, wholesale druggists, 205, 207, 209 & 211 Third Ave., cor. 18th St.

[Slate Roof House, former residence of William Penn, southeast corner of Second and Sansom Streets, Philadelphia]

[Helen Beitler graphic ephemera collection]

Wm. H. Hortsmann & Sons, manufactory & sales rooms, cor. Fifth & Cherry Streets. Philadelphia.

Custom House & Post Office Phila, Pa.

[Collection of business correspondence of S. R. Van Duzer, wholesale druggist, New York]

Philadelphia, from the State House steeple, north, east and south.

1227 + 1229 Market St., [Philadelphia, PA] [graphic].

1227 + 1229 Market St., [Philadelphia, PA] [graphic].