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Beck's Dry Goods Store, Bustleton, Pa.

5845 Main St. Standing at time of Revolution.

Main St. above Upsal, S.W. side.

Old Market, Second & Pine Sts. [graphic].

Acker Quality Shop postcards.

Acker Quality Shop postcards.

Eighth Street postcards.

[4300 Fleming Street, northwest corner of Roxborough Avenue, Philadelphia.]

Looking up Market St. from Front.

[Unidentified street.]

[West side of Fifty-second Street north of Jefferson Street.]

Cigar Indian at McKernan's Store. S. W. cor. 16th & Ritner Sts. [graphic].

[Unidentified commercial interior, possibly dealer of glass and fancy goods, Philadelphia]

Market Street, from Front St. [graphic] / Lith. of J.T. Bowen.

412 S. 23rd St. [graphic].

[Office of surveyors Clement B. and John H. Webster, 4534 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

Market Street postcards.

Market Street postcards.

[933 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia.] [graphic].

Cigar Indian chief. S.E. cor. 4th & Race [sic]. Note the feather headdress. Most of the cigar indians were squaws. [graphic].

Marble Terrace, West Philadelphia.

Master St. east from 15th.

Wholesale and retail at Borgenski's, 22 N. Ninth St. above Market, Philadelphia.

[Panorama of Philadelphia northeast from State House]

Brown Auto Top Company - we are growing - there's a reason, Broad and Hamilton Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.

Philadelphia, north from State House

Philadelphia, north from State House [graphic] / M.P. Simons, 1320 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, landscape and portrait photographer.

Old house n.w. cor. of Sixth & Cherry St. [graphic].

Foering & Thudiums cheap stove ware-house. [graphic] / W.H. Rease, No. 17 S[out]h 5[t]h St.

1022 Chestnut Street. [graphic].

Peck & Hills' Furniture Co., 642 North Broad St. cor. Wallace, Philadelphia, Pa.

Old houses, west side of Fourth St. opposite Union St., and the "Hill mansion" [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

[Wm. H. Oakford trade cards]

Elevation plan of Granite St. buildings and those connecting with Walnut, Dock and Front Streets.

[1433-1435 South Street, Philadelphia]

Chestnut St. from above 9th.

Chestnut St. from above 9th. [graphic].

[Chestnut St. from above 9th.]

Chestnut St. from above 9th. [graphic].

Chestnut St. from above 9th. [graphic].

[Panorama of Philadelphia northeast from State House]

Corner [Eighth] and Chestnut Street looking west.

Corner [Eighth] and Chestnut Street looking west. [graphic].

Wood & Perot factory [graphic]

Philadelphia. Chestnut St. looking east from Broad St.

South side Chestnut St. from 3rd to Hudsons Alley, 1809.

Melloy & Ford, wholesale tin ware manufacturers. [graphic] / On stone by W. Rease, No. 17 Sth 5th St.

Lacey & Phillips. [graphic] / Drawn on stone by W.H. Rease No. 17 So. 5th St., Philda.

John Hibler, importer & wholesale dealer in foreign & American wines & liquors. No. 56, North Third Street, (second door above Arch,) Philadelphia. [graphic] / On stone by W.H. Rease, 17 So. 5th St., Phila.

Penn Hotel & Denny's harness shop. [graphic] / On stone by W.H. Rease 17 1/2 S. 5th St.