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Sanford and troupe, one night more with a great change. : Sanford in his great acts. The troupe in variety The quartet in new solos, glees, duets & choruses Sanford in his great delineation of Uncle Tom ... Sanford's version of Uncle Tom is a true picture

Temperance Hall, Trenton Grand gala night! in commemoration of the glorious 4th 4th of July 1776. : Sanford's Opera Troupe! will appear on Friday evening, July 3d, 1863, and Saturday afternoon and evening, July 4th presenting the entire troupe in an entir

This popular place of amusement will open for six nights only, : on Saturday evening, June 11th, 1864, for the purpose of producing the celebrated moral drama of Uncle Tom's cabin! with an excellent comp'y of first-class artists The drama will be produced