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Mill-race, Naaman Creek, [Claymont, DE] [graphic].

Up race bank at Washington St. [Wilmington, DE] [graphic].

Turnpike bridge over Naaman's Creek, Claymont, [DE] [graphic].

West St. bridge over race. Looking up. [Wilmington, DE] [graphic].

1st dam on Brandywine from race bank back of Cos. Elizabeth Canby's, [Wilmington, DE] [graphic].

[Bed of Naaman's Creek, Claymont, DE], nearer R[ail]r[oad] bridge [graphic].

Bed of Naaman's Creek, [Claymont, DE], looking up toward railroad bridge. Mother on a large rock [graphic].

Looking up creek from race bank below Van Buren St. [Wilmington, DE] [graphic].