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[Boy sitting at the water's edge] [graphic].

[Trees by a brook] [graphic] / R.S. Redfield.

[The Brook] [graphic].

[Up a rocky creek] [graphic].

[Scenic views of stream, Pocono Mountains, Pa.]

[Stream, with abandoned mill] [graphic].

Moss Cataract.

[Group near creek on camping trip] [graphic].

"Sun full in front, proof-rough print" [graphic] / J.P. Gibson, Hexham, England.

Marsh vegetation.

Silver Brook.

Catawissa Creek at Stranger Hollow.

Looking down Wissahiccon [sic], above Red Bridge [graphic].

Mill-race, Naaman Creek, [Claymont, DE] [graphic].

French Creek, [Elverson, PA], looking up. A little below the so-called falls [graphic].

Falls of French Creek, [Elverson, PA] [graphic].

Looking up Tacony Creek from "Cape May," [Olney, PA] [graphic].

Up race bank at Washington St. [Wilmington, DE] [graphic].

Pennypack Creek. Above the dam west of Pennypack Park. [graphic].

Pennypack Creek -- looking into Pennypack park from the bridge over the creek [graphic].

[Pennypack Creek, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Pennypack Creek, Philadelphia] [graphic].

The babbling brook.

Race & buttonwood trees, Little Wakefield, G[erman]t[ow]n [graphic].

Devil's Pool, Cresheim Creek, looking up, [Philadelphia] [graphic].

Row of willow trees along Mill Creek, [Lycoming County, Pa.] [graphic].

Meadow from under bridge over Valley Creek, near Valley Forge, [PA] [graphic].

[Stream] at Swift Water [Poconos, PA] [graphic].

On Mill Cr[eek] just below where Old Gulf Road crossed it, [Haverford, Pa.] [graphic].

Near Sweet Briar, West Phila. [graphic].

[Cohocking Creek, near Germantown, Philadelphia]

View at Germantown.

Marshall's Falls, near Delaware Water Gap, Pa.

[Kensington Avenue Bridge, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

[Boy fishing in a stream] [graphic] / R.S. Redfield.

Mill dam on Mill Creek.

View in Jefferson Park.

Looking up Wissahiccon [sic] from Valley Green Bridge, [Philadelphia] [graphic].

Valley Green Bridge. Looking up [Wissahickon] Creek, [Philadelphia] [graphic].

Pipe Bridge on Wissahiccon [sic], from drive, [Mount Airy, Philadelphia] [graphic].

In meadow N. of bridge over creek between Westtown Station [graphic].

[In meadow N. of bridge over creek between Westtown & Station] [graphic].

Glen near Red Rock Falls, party on rocks, [Poconos] [graphic].

Turnpike bridge over Naaman's Creek, Claymont, [DE] [graphic].

West St. bridge over race. Looking up. [Wilmington, DE] [graphic].

1st dam on Brandywine from race bank back of Cos. Elizabeth Canby's, [Wilmington, DE] [graphic].

Cobbs Creek [graphic].

[A shady glade near the Pennypack, north Philadelphia] [graphic].

Remington Rd. just beyond 69th and Market Sts. [graphic].

[Spring flowing into stream] [graphic].