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Agricultural building - north front.

Main Building - Northwest.

Vermont State Building.

California State Building.

Pennsylvania Educational Building.

Main Building, from east end.

Main Building - North side.

Variation Agricultural building, from northeast.

Horti: Building Promenade

State buildings, Massachusetts in foreground.

Belmont Avenue

Main Building - East end.

Belmont Avenue Looking North

Horticultural Hall.

Horti: Grounds from Horti: Building

Women's Pavilion and New Jersey State Building.

Birds-eye view from Machinery Hall looking west.

State buildings from Machinery Hall.

Pennsylvania Day - instantaneous view.

Main Building - Western entrance.

Horticultural Hall - for "art and industry".

Horticultural Hall - South Entrance

Fountain Avenue from Horti: Hall

Machinery Hall, from Main Building.

Machinery Hall.

The Lake, from Machinery Hall.

Bird's eye view of grounds, from Main Building.

Belmont Avenue.