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ASSU Illustration 1325

Mrs. John Drew's new Arch St. Theatre Philadelphia. : Capacity of house $1000. Jos. D. Murphy, business agent & treasurer. Sept 1863.

Burton, William Evans, 1801-1860

Ritchie, Anna Cora Ogden Mowatt, 1819-1870.

Another grand combination. Unprecedented novelty : Third week of the great Shaksperean comedy and pageant with its magnificent pictures and gorgeous last scene, which is acknowledged by both the press and the public to exceed in perfectness and beauty any

Vezin, Herman, 1829-1910

Soiree dramatique, for the benefit of the Amateurs' Drawing Room. : Cricket on the hearth. Full dress. Tickets $1.00.

Catalogue of theatrical and public celebrities

Amateur theatricals, in aid of the National Sailors' Fair, at the Melodeon. : This (Wednesday) afternoon, Nov. 16, will be performed, Faint heart never won fair lady. ... After which will be performed Poor Pillicoddy ... Admission, 50 cents; reserved seat

Junk shop at 13th & Pine

Junk shop at 13th & Pine [graphic].