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ASSU Illustration 6127

ASSU Illustration 5839

La main chaude [graphic].

ASSU Illustration 3344

Do They Miss Me at Home

This price list contains articles in your line, to which we would respectfully call you attention, J. M. Keep & Co., manufacturers of and dealers in patented small wares, toys and notions, office and salesroom, no. 8, Dey Street, New York.

Grandfather's visit. [graphic].

Galanterie spielwaaren handlung L. Hönig in Zürich. Das neueste stets auf lager.

Bush & Co.'s borax soap company, Philadelphia.

Negro children in America [graphic].

Do they miss me at home? [graphic].

[Sooy's trade cards]

[J. Peter Gohl trade cards]

[G.A. Schwarz trade cards]

The beginning and the end of life (hold the picture 1 foot away for life and 20 feet for death.) Presented by William Deering & Co. Chicago, Ill. Grain & grass machinery.

Aromatic Pino-Palmine Mattress. 915 Arch St., 113 N. Front Street, Phila. and 115 Water St., Boston, Mass.

[Clark's O.N.T. spool cotton trade cards]

[Geo. G. Burbank, druggist and apothecary, 235 Main St., Worcester, Mass.]

[John Wanamaker & Co., 818, 820 & 822 Chestnut Street trade cards]

The Hunters three and O.N.T. [graphic].