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[Tree-lined path in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.]

River Drive, east park.

In the new park, Phila.

View on the Wissahickon, Philada.

Drive along the Schuylkill.

Serpentine Drive.

Terrace walk, Fairmount Park.

Reveries for the glen, Belmont.

[Dirt trail along the Wissahickon Creek, Fairmount Park] [graphic].

[Dirt trail near Wissahickon Creek, Fairmount Park] [graphic].

[Trail near the Wissahickon Creek, Fairmount Park] [graphic].

[Three girls on trail, along Wissahickon Creek, Fairmount Park] [graphic].

[Entrance walkway], Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.

"Summer scene 'mid winter's grandeur," Norway.

Lover's Lane, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

Brown Street entrance.

Ferndale pool.

Landsdown Valley. Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.

Fountain, Fairmount Park, Phila.

Landsdowne Valley.

[Schuylkill River Canal, below Columbia Bridge, Philadelphia.]

[Portrait of Karl Doering (boy) with an unidentified man in the Wissahickon.]

[Dirt path near trees, curving right] [graphic].

[Dirt path near trees] [graphic].

Boardwalk to [Haverford] meeting house, looking up from bridge, [Haverford, Pa.] [graphic].

[Landscape with dirt path] [graphic].

View at Fairmount, Phila. Pa.

Approach to Lemon Hill mansion.

Sweet Brier Valley, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.

View from Sweet Brier, F.P.

[Rustic footbridge in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.]

View in Sweet Brier valley.

View in Sweet Brier valley.

[Spring Garden Street entrance to East Fairmount Park, Philadelphia]

Fish pool and fountain.

[Distant figure walking along a path near Wissahickon Creek.]

[Path through the forest], Pocono Lake, [PA] [graphic].

[Men getting dressed, Egg Harbor River, New Jersey] [graphic].

On Brandywine looking up from below 3rd dam, on race bank, [Wilmington, DE] [graphic].

[Boys on a dirt road] [graphic].

On "Serpentine Walk" to Pres[ident] Chase's, looking toward steps, [Haverford College] [graphic].

Ocean Pathway, Ocean Grove, [NJ], looking toward auditorium [graphic].

Looking thro. trees in Park near entrance, [possibly Crescent Park, Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

New Hampshire State Building.

Ohio State Building.

Snowbound, Wissahickon Creek, Philadelphia.

The dune, Lemon Hill.

Views of Mount Peace, Philadelphia.

View from Belmont.