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The Tailor.

The Two Faced Woman.

A Mysterious Character.

One of our First Men.

A Tailor.

Two Faced Man.


Miss Pussy Cat.


To a Shopkeeper.

Bawling about the streets

A Botch Tailor.

She Devil.

Female Snake in the Grass.

The Sponge.

Snake in the Grass, (A Deceitful Man.)


If you aint the best of good fellows.

A Book-Keeper.

To a Widower.


To a Dry Goods Dealer.

Einer Durchschauten.

Hurra! for the races

I Love a Man

Original, Should Be

Original, Should Be


The Shirk.

Stands ther Poulterer

Tho’ in butter

To a Bobby

With a fine hat

The Butcher Boy.

A Widow.

The Widower.

The Skulker.

The Politician.

A Two Faced Woman.

Poor Widow Wooding

How suddenly, dear sir, you stopped your talk of war and glory

To the Chaplain of the Regiment.