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The Tailor.


Bawling about the streets

The Two Faced Woman.

A Mysterious Character.

To a Shopkeeper.

A Botch Tailor.

One of our First Men.

A Tailor.

Two Faced Man.


Miss Pussy Cat.


Original, Should Be

She Devil.

With a fine hat

Female Snake in the Grass.

To a Bobby

Original, Should Be

The Sponge.

The Butcher Boy.

Tho’ in butter

Einer Durchschauten.

Snake in the Grass, (A Deceitful Man.)


Stands ther Poulterer

If you aint the best of good fellows.

A Book-Keeper.

I Love a Man

To a Widower.

The Shirk.


To a Dry Goods Dealer.

Hurra! for the races

Poor Widow Wooding

A Widow.

The Widower.

The Skulker.

The Politician.

A Two Faced Woman.

To the Chaplain of the Regiment.