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A Northern Rebel.

Cease your sighing day and night.

A Zouave.

The Soldier.

To a Secessionist.

The Private.


Go it, Drum Major, now's your chance.

Military Man.

A Model Zouave.

Making Soldiers "Breeches"

A Military Hero.

To a Drummer.

The Brave Volunteer.


The Volunteer.

To a Green Artillerist.

A Copperhead.

A Son of Mars.

A Traitor.

The Captain.

A Candidate for Military Promotion.

Ha, ha! don't you think you're brave?

The Brave Volunteer.

U.S. Volunteer.

A Rebel.

The Officer who paid for his commission

The Soldier.

Ladies, I learned to bow this way

The Brave Volunteer.

Recruiting Pimp.

The Cavalryman.

A Bull Run-ner.

Peace, proud puppy! would-be soldier

Dead drunk, and sleeping on the ground.

A Son of a Gun.

On to Richmond.

Oh gunner bold and gunner wise.

The Secessionist.

To a Zouave.

To a Cavalry Dandy.

The Military Man.