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[Slave and bald eagle in front of Capitol] [graphic].

[Title page for Birch's country seats of the United States containing a view of the unfinished capitol building in Washington, D.C.] [graphic] / Designed and published by W. Birch enamel painter, Springland near Bristol, Pennsylva. 1808.

[East front of the U.S. Capitol during the final stages of construction, Washington, D.C.]

[Die-cut textile label depicting the United States Capitol Building]

Kidnapping [graphic] / Alex Rider del. ; Goodman & Piggot sc.

Diogenes his lantern needs no more, an honest man is found! The search is o'er.

[Rose of the Centennial Exhibition]

[Rose of the Centennial Exhibition]

Washington Senate Chamber.

[Photographic reproduction of an allegorical view including Abraham Lincoln, a pavilion, and marching soldiers] [graphic] / P. Philipoteaux; Allen & Rowell, photographers, 25 Winter Street, Boston.

[Second inauguration of President Grover Cleveland, steps of Capitol Building, Washington, D.C., March 4, 1893]

View of the old Capitol. [graphic].

Penn's Treaty; Boon and the Indians.

Brady's Album Gallery.

Facsimile of the signatures to the Declaration of Independence

View of the Capitol of the United States after the conflagration in 1814

Centennial pocket album.

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Back cover

Centennial Exhibition. Philadelphia. MDCCLXXVI [1876]. [graphic].

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Panorama of Washington. [graphic] : First in war. First in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen.

Daniel Webster addressing the United States Senate

The United States Centennial International Exhibition.

Civil War stationery collection