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Liberty with flag woodcut

Eagle on shield with banner woodcut.

Rally! Rally! $50 bounty $50 recruits wanted for Mystic Guards Company "I" 2d Regiment, P.V.M. (100 days service) Col. Dennis Heenan ...

Wanted immediately! 100 colored teamsters!

Fourth Union League Regiment. : To be raised under special authority from the War Department, for 3 years or the War ....

Recruits wanted! : For the 4th Regiment Penn'a Reserve Volunteer Corps, Col. Albert Magilton Gen. Mccall's Division, ... John C. Chance, Lieutenant Co. I, 4th Reg't, P.R.V.C., Recruiting Officer.

Continental cavalry! : Patriotic intelligent young men wanted ... Headquarters and recruiting station, 403 Walnut Street. Captain Reynolds. [Captain] Wood. [Captain] Hamburger. [Captain] Fitzgerald.

Recruits wanted for the U.S. Cavalry : "The favorite corps!" ... For further information apply at the recruiting rendezvous, 603 & 605 Sanson Street, above Sixth. John H. Nichols, Jr., 1st Lieut. 1st U.S. Cavalry Recruit'g Officer General Mounted Service.

To horse! To horse! : Company D Colonel E.G. Chormann's Independent Mounted Rangers! ... Recruiting Stations, 1128 Market St. N.W. cor. 7th & Chestnut. J.B. Rogers, Captain. J.P. Rees, 1st Lieut. J. Albert Eshleman, 2d Lieut. G.W. Rees, Brevet 2d Lieut.

Recruits for the 6th Pa. Cavalry Rush's Lancers! : ... John H. Gardiner., Major and Recruiting Officer..

Company A. To horse! To horse! : Colonel E.G. Chormann's Independent Mounted Rangers! ... Thos. Furness, Captain.

$50 bounty! Cadwalader Greys Regiment. : Recruits wanted for 100 days' service! Pay $16 per month. / Col. Wm. H. Sickels, Lieut. Col. Richard A. Thomas, Maj. Charles M. Tapper, Adjt. A.W. Thompson.

Last chance! To arms! To arms! Now is the time to enlist! : If you wait until the first of September, when the order for drafting will be surely enforced! Married men will lose the state bounty of $6 per month, & single men that of $2. The 1st nine months

Sons of Erin fight by each other's side! : 3d Irish Volunteers This fine regiment is nearly full and only requires a few more good Irishmen to complete Company I. Apply at the tent in the park, / to Capt. Welply, Lieuts. L.M. Ahearn, D. M'Carthy,

Head quarters Cadwalader Regim't, S.W. corner Ninth and Walnut Streets, (second and third stories.) : Recruits wanted for three years or during the war. United States bounty, $100. City bounty, 50. One month's pay in advance ... Premium for enlishment, ..

Recruits wanted! For Company G, 3d Regiment, Reserve Brigade, : Armory: 803 Locust St., a few will be received by applying immediately, to serve for three months unless sooner discharged Pay commences from time of enlistment. / Capt. Geo. West Blake. J. F

Co. C. / Capt. Henry C. Whelan. 1st Lieut. Chas. L. Leiper 2d Lieut. H.P. Muirheid.

$50 bounty Fall in Peterson Guards. : Patriots to the rescue of your good old Keystone State, and one more rally for the Constitution and our glorious Union. All young men desirous of serving the above will do well to join this company for 100 days! $16 a

Men of Mantua and 24th Ward generally. : Once more I call upon you to aid me in recruiting my company, for the purpose of staying the tide of Rebel Invasion. Twice before, (in '61 and '63) I had occasion to call upon you, and you nobly responded.The emerg

This regiment is the Twenty-fourth of the Penna. Volunteers : accepted for three years, and entitled to all the bounties, pensions, and emoluments of the state laws.

$2 cash when mustered in, and 100 dollars at the end of the war, : if honorably discharged, will be given for twenty men to fill Company K, Thirtieth Regiment, now in active service at Washington. Apply at Elliott Hotel, Front Street, above Dock. / Sergt.

Cavalry Col. Andrew T. McReynolds, commander. : A few suitable men wanted to be mustered in immediately, horses and equipments furnished They will be sent into camp and taken care of as soon as enrolled.

Harris Light Cavalry : now in a beautiful camp at Scarsdale, near New Rochelle, New York. Recruits will be received at No. 648 Broadway, the head-quarters, New York City. The non commissioned officers, 6 sergeants and 8 corporals to each company, will be

Head quarters, Fourth District, N.E. cor. Broad and Spring Garden Sts. Corps of Honor! : The attention of all officers and enlisted men who have been honorably discharged on account of wounds or disease contracted in the line of duty, is invited to the an

Disabled officers and enlisted men, honorably discharged from the service of the United States, can now obtain positions in the Invalid Corps! : The term of enlistment will be three years, unless sooner discharged. Claims for pensions or bounties, which m

Head-quarters Provost Marshal, Second District, Pa. : 1214 Locust St., Philadelphia. Disabled officers and enlisted men, honorably discharged from the service of the United States, can now obtain positions in the Invalid Corps by applying at once to the B

Invalid Corps! : Recruiting office, 808 Lombard St., above Eighth, Philadelphia. Men desirous of enlisting in the Invalid Corps as authorized by General Orders, No. 105, War Department, Adjutant General's Office, April 28, 1863, are invited to present the

Recruits wanted for Capt. J.W. Hofmann's late Captain commanding Company E, Col. Dare's 23d Regiment, Company, Rendezvous, 19th and South Sts.

$100. Bounty. Recruits wanted! For the regular army : Term of service 3 years only. Apply at 118 S. Second St / Lieut. C.H. Peirce, recruiting officer.

Honorably discharged soldiers! All who desire to enlist in the Invalid Corps! : To perform provost and garrison duty, are requested to call at North-East cor. Broad & Spring Garden Sts. and present their discharges to the undersigned, who is authorized to

March on! Brave volunteers : Head quarters Company H 66th Regiment, P.V. 204 Chesnut Street. Regiment in active service! $2 cash in hand. $100 at the end of the war. Pay, rations and clothes at once. Apply at recruiting office. / H.W. Ducker, Captain. A.W

Head quarters / Capt. G.S. Kintzing, late Co. I, 18th Reg. Cor. of Third & York Sts. between Walnut & Spruce Sts.

To the rescue! : All true lovers of the Union, are invited to enroll themselves in the company now forming, at No. 23 South Tenth Street. / John T. O'Brien, Lieutenant.

Merchants' Regiment! 146th of the line.

Heavy artillery : 3d Regiment Artillery, 152 Regiment Penna. Vol'teers. Battery L is now in full course of recruiting, with clothing, rations and medical attendance. In camp. Full government & municipal bounties. For further particulars inquire at headqua

To the rescue! The last war meeting : $152 bounty! A joint meeting of the volunteer companies now being raised by Captains Andress and Kulp, will be held in the court house at Doylestown, Bucks County, Pa, on Wednesday evening, August 20, 1862, at eight o

Battery H. of 152d Regiment Penn'a Vols. or 3d Reg't Heavy Artillery. : Col. Herman Segeberth, commanding. This battery is now in full course of recruiting, receiving $170 bounty, and advance pay. Recruits are wanted immediately, who will be sent to camp

To arms! To arms! : $165 bounty $90 in cash! 152d Reg't P.V. or 3d Artil'y This regiment is for garrison duty only for the defence of the city of Washington. Young and active men wanted for Battery K Don't wait to be drafted! But come forward immediately.

121st Regiment, P.V. Recruits wanted : for the above regiment, now in the field. Good able-bodied men will receive all the bounties Recruits sent to Camp Cadwallader, near Odd Fellows' Cemetery, as soon as mustered. For further information, apply at the r

General recruiting rendezvous, for all the old regiments in the field. : All the bounties paid! No. 505 Chestnut St. up stairs. / M.C. Grier, 1st Lieut., Adjutant 82d Penna. Volunteers, recruiting officer.

Recruits wanted immediately. : Second company Hamilton Rifles now recruiting at Prof. Saunders' Institute, West Philada. Armory open day and evening. / Jos. L. Davis, Captain.

State rendezvous! Recruits wanted! : Able-bodied men enlisted for all Pennsylvania regiments now in the field. Pay and rations commence from time of enlistment. Clothed at the depot in Harrisburg. / Wm. H. Kerns, 1st Lieutenant, (late of 71st Reg., Penna.

To arms! To arms! Fall in, discharged soldiers and join your comrades for the defence of your state : All others wishing to join a company that have served their country, are invited to do so. Apply at the head-quarters, Cornet Hotel, Ninth Street, above

Enlist in the young men's company! : "See Europe's despots crouch to spring, They seek us for their prey; Come forward then and risk your limb And we shall win the day." Recruiting office at the Iowa City Republican. / Jas. H.C. Wilson, recruiting officer

Philadelphia, [blank] 1862. This it to certify, that [blank] has this day enlisted in my company [blank] Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, : for three years or during the war, offering himself as a substitute for [blank] who was drafted on the 16th of Oc

For the United States 6th Regiment of Cavalry for 3 years. : Pay from $14 to $23 per month, will be clothed, boarded, and pay to commence at once. Apply at my office Girard House, Chestnut Street. / Lieut. F. Dodge, 6th Cavalry, recruiting officer. The re

United States Army. Recruiting Service. : Wanted, for the United States Army, able-bodied unmarried men, between the ages of 18 and 35, not less than 5 feet 3 inches high, and of good character. A minor will not be enlisted without the written consent of