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[Antique urn in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy] [graphic].

Seeds & bulbs, implements and tools for farm, garden and greenhouse, D. Landreth & Sons, 21 & 22 South Sixth St., Philad'a.

Joseph Ruf, importer and manufacturer of human hair, Nos. 950 & 952 N. Second Street, Philad'a.

View in Fairmount Park, Phila.

Horticultural Hall - Interior.

Horticultural Hall from W. End.

Unidentified ceramic exhibit.

Japanese Bronzes, Main Building.

Horticultural Hall, Interior.

Floral Hall - Horticultural Building.

Japanese bazaar.

[Joseph Juél trade cards]

Women's Pavilion.

Pandanus Javanicus Variegates

Women's Pavilion.

Porcelain ware, Japanese court.

Terra cotta ware, Portugese [sic] sec.

Japanese Vase.

Horticultural Hall.

Fountain Avenue.

Moors, Moorish furniture, etc.

Silver and bronzes, Russian section - Main Building.

Fountain Avenue.

Horticultural Hall, from west gallery.

Horticultural Hall.

Horticultural Hall - for "art and industry".

Viti's alabaster vases M.B.

Selections from Tiffany & Co. - Main Building.

Russian Department - Main Building.

N.W. view of Elkington & Co.'s exhibit.

Japanese Section - Main Building.

Interior views of Franklin Institute Exhibition, 1874.