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[Flowers with butterflies in vase]

Geo. C. Brotherton, prop'r. Sample and lunch room, No. 130 South Ninth Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

[Vase of flowers]

"Long long be thy heart with your memory fill'd..." [graphic] / Margaretta

Viti's Alabaster Vases - Main Building.

Unidentified ceramic exhibit.

Japanese Bronzes, Main Building.

Japanese bazaar.

[J.C. Finn & Son trade cards]

Japaneses bronzes - Main Building.

Porcelain ware, Japanese court.

Porcelain ware, Japanese Court.

Japanese Vase.

Moors, Moorish furniture, etc.

Gorham & Company's "Century Vase".

Main Building transept from northy gallery.

[St. George Pharmacy trade cards]

Viti's alabaster vases M.B.

Selection from the Elkington exhibit, Main Building.

Selections from Tiffany & Co. - Main Building.

Selections from Elkington's repousse exhibit - Main Building.

Japanese Section - Main Building.

Interior views of Franklin Institute Exhibition, 1874.