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Philadelphia. S.E. view

Phila. [graphic].

Philadelphia. S.E. view

East view of Philadelphia, Pennsylva. and part of Camden, New Jersey.

Reward of merit

Fleet of ships sailing south on the Delaware River, Philadelphia.

Wm. Akers, Jr. & Co., china and glassware, 921 Market Street, Phila.

Destruction of the rebel monster "Merrimac" off Craney Island May 11th, 1862 [graphic].

[View showing the grounds of the Centennial Exhibition of 1876, West Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

The Union iron clad Monitor "Montauk." Destroying the rebel steamship "Nashville," in the Ogeeche River, near Savannah Ga. _. Febry. 27, 1863. [graphic].

[Trade cards for Ehrgott, Fobriger & Co.]

[Trade cards for Ehrgott, Fobriger & Co.] [graphic].

To Fenstermacher Brothers, Dr. Shipping and commission merchants, no. 5 Walnut Street, above Delaware Avenue, oysters, fruits, poultry, &c.

Steam tugs, Columbus and Alert. Vessels of all classes towed to and from sea and about the harbor; towing to and from Schuylkill and all other descriptions promptly attended to. S. Flanagan No. 78 South Delaware Avenue.

U.S. iron clad steamer, New Ironsides. [graphic] : Machinery & armour by Merrick & Sons. Hull by Cramp & Sons. Philadelphia.

Unidentified ceramic exhibit.

Adams & Co.'s Express, 116 Chestnut St. Philadelphia. [graphic] : Commissions executed in all the principal cities of the world.

U.S. iron clad steamer, New Ironsides.

Philadelphia, from Camden, - 1850.

Philadelphia, von dem grossen Baume zu Kensington aus geschen, unter welchem William Penn den tractat mit den Indianern abschloss.

View of the glass works of T. W. Dyott at Kensington on the Delaware nr Philada.

City wharf scene. [graphic] / From life by A. Kollner.

Peters Island, Fairmount Park, Philada. [graphic] / A.K.

Terrific combat between the "Monitor" 2 Guns & "Merrimac" 11 Guns in Hampton Roads March 9 1862. In which the little "Monitor" whipped the "Merrimac" and the whole "school" of rebel steamers [graphic].

Steel's Bay Printing Company [certificate] [graphic].

Piers on the Delaware River south of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, South Philadelphia, Philadelphia.

Hog Island shipyard, Philadelphia.

Delaware River waterfront at Spring Garden Street, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia.

M. H. Traubel lithographic establishment, 409 Chestnut St. above 4th Philadelphia [circular]

Francis Bacon & Co.'s coal yard. Spruce Street Wharf, Schuylkill Philadelphia.


[Delaware River waterfront north, vicinity of Port Richmond, Philadelphia.]

Adams & Co's express. Eastern, Western, and Northern package express, for the conveyance of merchandise, specie, baggage, &c, &c, and insurance effected, whenever required on any package, to its full amount of value.

[Warner Company, Berk Street Wharf, Berk and Beach Streets, Fishtown, Philadelphia.]

[Ships on the Delaware River, South Philadelphia, Philadelphia.]

Delaware River waterfront at Washington Avenue, South Philadelphia, Philadelphia.

[North Philadelphia waterfront looking south along the Delaware River, Philadelphia.]

View of the launch of the U.S. ship of war Pennsylvania

McCahan Sugar Refining Co.

Naval Shipyard, League Island, Philadelphia.

Atlantic Refining Company plant, 3314 Passyunk Avenue, Point Breeze, Philadelphia.

Atlantic Refining Company plant, 3314 Passyunk Avenue, Point Breeze, Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania and Reading Railroad terminus on the Delaware River, vicinity of Lehigh Avenue and Richmond Street, Port Richmond, Philadelphia.

Philadelphia from the Navy Yard

Philadelphia from the Navy Yard

Fairmount Water-Works.