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Stand pipe. For West Philada. Water Works. [graphic] / On stone by Rease & Shell, No. 17 So. 5th. St.

View of the Fairmount Waterworks with Schuylkill in the distance. Taken from the mount. [graphic].

Fairmount Waterworks. From the Forebay. [graphic] / From nature & on stone G. Lehman; Childs & Inman Lithrs.

[A view of the Fairmount Water-Works with Schuylkill in the distance. Taken from the mount.] [graphic].

[Fairmount Waterworks. Pictorial Embellishment of the Philada. Saturday Courier a family paper of the largest size published at two Dollars a year in advance including two Engravings of this Kind yearly.] [graphic].

[Fairmount Water Works, Philadelphia]

Fairmount, Philadelphia

Fairmount Water Works, Philadelphia

[Schuylkill Water Works]

Fairmount Water Works.

New mill house, Fairmount Water Works, Phila.

View on Schuylkill

Fairmount from West Phila

Fair Mount from promenade

Fairmount Water Works

[Fairmount Water Works.]

View of Fairmount, Phila. PA

Fairmount from West Philada

Plaza and water works

[Fairmount Water Works plaza, Schuylkill River, Philadelphia, Pa.]