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ASSU Illustration 6000

Backyard window, Philadelphia.

[Interior of unidentified house]

Portico of Horticultural Hall

Window in Bartram House.

Guide to Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia.

Window & inscription [Bartram's Gardens, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Window & inscription, Bartram's Gardens, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Russian Jewish children standing in front of a building at 412 South 21st Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[St. James Catholic Church, 3728 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[African American man at the window with a white cloth] [graphic].

[African American woman at the window with a white cloth on a clothesline] [graphic].

Window & Inscription. John Bartram 1770 [graphic].

Pandanus Javanicus Variegates

Latonia Barbonica, Floral Hall

Main Building - Transept

Main Building - Interior S. E. Central Tower

[Interior of Christ Church, Philada. in 1785] [graphic].

[Dell & Joseph C. Noblit & Co. trade cards]

The American Volunteer (granite statue).

Main Building - North Ave. Looking East - April 6th

Horticultural Building - S. E. Forcinf Room - March

Horticultural Hall - South Entrance

[Armand Dalsemer trade cards]

[Charles F. Haseltine trade cards]