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Skating on the Schuylkill.

Franklin Square, winter. [graphic].

Franklin Square, winter.

[Views on Tacony Creek, Philadelphia]

[Landscape in winter west of Frankford Elevated terminal at 69th and Market Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Trees covered in ice and snow near the Frankford Elevated at 69th and Market Streets, Philadelphia]. [graphic].

[Staircase rising above snow-covered boulders, Manayunk, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Street in Manayunk] [graphic].

[Street in Manayunk] [graphic].

The joys of winter on the Wissahickon Drive, Philadelphia.

[Winter rooftop view]

[Trees covered in ice and snow west of 69th Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Rittenhouse Sq. Our little magnolia tree in winter time. [graphic].

[Schuylkill River and houses atop hill in Manyaunk, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Snowbound, Wissahickon Creek, Philadelphia.

Philad Park

Fairmount Park Phila. Winter scene.

A correct view of the City of Philadelphia on the Delaware River as it appeared on 25th of January 1852.

Skating. Scene on the River Delaware at Philadelphia. Febry. 12th 1831.

[University of Pennsylvania Botanical Gardens, snow scene along roadway, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Two boys in front of the Swann Memorial Fountain in Logan Circle in winter.] [graphic].

[University of Pennsylvania Botanical Gardens, snow-covered bushes, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[University of Pennsylvania Botanical Gardens, snow-covered bushes and trees, with dormitory buildings visible in background, Philadelphia] [graphic].

A group of young hill climbers of Manyunk [sic] with a background of overlapping roofs, to say nothing of a weekly wash. [graphic].

[Cobbs Creek, near the Cobbs Creek Golf Course, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Scene from s. side w. end South St Bridge, Phila [graphic].

[Smokestacks of an oil tank below Gray's Ferry Bridge, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Swann Memorial Fountain, Logan Circle, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Old Philadelphia Views Album

Girard Street & 12th St. & Friends' meeting house in the distance, Philada.

Old Philadelphia views 1861

The Wissahickon Drive crowded with one-horse sleighs, Philadelphia, Penna.

View of West Phila. from Fairmount.

Souvenir of the coldest winter on record. Scene on the Delaware River at Philada. during the severe winter of 1856.

The terrible conflagration at Ninth and Washington Streets, Philadelphia.

Rittenhouse Sq. [graphic].

Commissioners Hall, Northern Liberties, Phila. [graphic] / CK; Thos. M. Scott, Pinxt.

Commissioners Hall, Northern Liberties, Phila.