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Souvenir of the coldest winter on record. Scene on the Delaware River at Philada. during the severe winter of 1856. [graphic] / From nature and on stone by J. Queen.

[Snow covered trees and road] [graphic].

Remarkable formation of icicles, winter 1860.

Freaks of the Frost King.

[Side yard covered with snow] [graphic].

Skating on the Schuylkill.

Snow scene near Lancaster.

Franklin Square, winter. [graphic].

[Print with ornate border containing vignettes representing the seasons]

[Print with ornate border containing vignettes representing the seasons] [graphic].

Franklin Square, winter.

Views of Mount Washington, New Hampshire.

[Views on Tacony Creek, Philadelphia]

[Landscape in winter west of Frankford Elevated terminal at 69th and Market Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Trees covered in ice and snow near the Frankford Elevated at 69th and Market Streets, Philadelphia]. [graphic].

[Staircase rising above snow-covered boulders, Manayunk, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Street in Manayunk] [graphic].

[Street in Manayunk] [graphic].

The joys of winter on the Wissahickon Drive, Philadelphia.

Niagara. Winter. Down the river from Table Rock.

A homestead gate, Fisher's Lane, near Philada.

[Stone bridge in winter]

[Print with ornate border containing vignettes representing the seasons]

[Winter rooftop view]

[Print with ornate border containing vignettes representing the seasons] [graphic].

Fashions for fall & winter 1856-7 by A. F. Ward no. 125 Chestnut Street Philadelphia

Herr's book store, 53 and 55 North Queen St., Lancaster, Pa.

[Trees covered in ice and snow west of 69th Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Rittenhouse Sq. Our little magnolia tree in winter time. [graphic].

[Schuylkill River and houses atop hill in Manyaunk, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Trying to Skate.

Snowbound, Wissahickon Creek, Philadelphia.

Philad Park

[Winter view of icicles and waterfall, Niagara Falls, New York]

Fairmount Park Phila. Winter scene.

A correct view of the City of Philadelphia on the Delaware River as it appeared on 25th of January 1852.

[Fairmount Water Works forebay during the winter.] [graphic].

The Doan, under the management of the Philadelphia Dairy and Cafe.

Diamonds, mutilated coins, old gold, silver, teeth plates, jewelry, and silverware. Full value paid. J.L. Clark, refiner, 823 Filbert Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Skating. Scene on the River Delaware at Philadelphia. Febry. 12th 1831.

Fashions, fall & winter, 1850-1, by S.A. & A.F. Ward, No. 62 Walnut St., Philadelphia.

Stein & Jones, steam power printers & lithographers, no. 321 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

Jas. T. Brady, packer. N.E. cor. 12th and Market Sts., Philadelphia.

Solar Tip Shoes

Compliments of Nice & Rau, varnishes, paints, oils, etc. 328 & 330 S. Second St. Philadelphia.

Charles Brintzinghoffer, wholesale and retail brush manufacturer, No. 935 Market Street, Philadelphia.

M.F. McDonough & Co., importers, No. 117 South Front St., Philadelphia.

[Rosenbaum & Co. trade cards]

[University of Pennsylvania Botanical Gardens, snow scene along roadway, Philadelphia] [graphic].