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Long Shanks.

A Jolly Old Maid.

Disappointed Woman.

A Shrew and Brawler.

Old Maid.

Deserted old damsel,

The Coquette.

Hoops and Leader of the Fashion.

Hey, ducky dumpling, pray take care.

You are my Darling.

‘Tis all in vain

A Daughter of the D--.

Passionate Woman.

You ugly, cross and wrinkled shrew


Lazy Woman.

I do not wish


Wearing the Breeches.

The Busy Bodies.

Crack 'Em.

One animal there is, always in disgrace

Saucy Wench.

Oh! For a Husband.

Handsomest Girl in Town.

The Coquette.

Wearing the Breeches.

A Man Hater (in a Horn).

Untitled [fishing for Valentines]

The Extravagant Woman.

A Mischief Making Woman.

A Lover of the Beaux.

The Bashful.

A Milliner.

To a Cap Maker

Beauty Unadorned.

Now, mother, Double Face, look here

An Envious Woman.

With sweet talking

Pugnacious Young Lady.

To a Vain Old Maid.

Miss Pork.

The Bride.

Slovenly Woman.

A Chambermaid.

A Vile Sinner.


A Niggardly Woman.

Miss Highflyer.

She Tiger.

Model "Hoss" Woman.

A Faded Flower.

You ugly, low

Miss Crinoline.

The Nervous Woman.

Devil of a Woman.

All for Dress.

The Taciturn

This Day I Am Sixty-Two.

Good Advice to Somebody.

All for Dress.

You are my Valentine.

When ancient damsels take to ice

Revengeful Lady.

The Milliner.

The Darling Duck.

The Two Faced Woman.

Leader of the Fashion.

A Contemptible Woman.

The Young Flirt.

Hoops and Leader of the Fashion.

Wearing the Breeches.

Miserly Woman.

Mussy on us! what a muss

An Amiable Young Lady.

Dear Madam, I must vainly try.

A Farmer's Wife.

The Beauty.

A Miserly Woman.

Among the women who in history brightest have shone.

Hearts! at once

The Flirt.

Maiden Aunt.

The Heart-Breaker.

You and Your Beau.

Dear, simpering, fascinating Miss.

Miss Affectation.

Never Had a Beau.

Dear mam you're ugly

Devil's Own--A Two-Faced Woman.


Amiable Woman.

Miss Pussy Cat.

All Tongue.

A Sight to Make

Wherefore art thou Romeo? (Romeo & Juliet.)

A Belle.

Spell Cat, my chubby little imp--

A Child's Nurse.

She Devil.

The One That Wears the Breeches.


Dress Maker.

A slave to Fashion's tyrant laws

Female Snake in the Grass.

Ugliest of the fair

Thou languishing young lady bird

Waiting for an Offer.

Tom-Boy Girl.

Oh! Thou Art

To a Gossip.

Miss Bonnet-builder

A Bargain Second Hand

Blue Ruin.

The ladies' hoops do dreadful slaughter.

A Saucy Jade.

The Verdant Woman.

Hoop de Doo.

Flower of Your Sex.

The Belle.

Talking Churchwomen.

Hic, Hic, Hic.

Einer Durchschauten.

Thou languishing young lady-bird

Bloated and Ugly.

One of the Upper Ten.

Cod-Fish Aristocracy.

Country Girl.

Dying for a Husband.

"Pray, what's the matter," said a friend to me

Devoid of useless crinoline.

Irish Woman.

Lady of the House.

A Ball Character.

I send you

A Nasty Woman.

Innocent A MEWS MEANT.

A Chattering Magpie.

Begone, you dirty

Boarding House Landlady.

Fat, Ugly, and Lazy.

Miss Sleepy-Head.

Propriety Personified.

One of the Codfish Aristocracy.

Miss Fretful.

Making Soldiers "Breeches"

Behold her pompous, lofty stride.

Miss Brazenface.

Clear the track and let me pass.

A Chambermaid!


Beauty of Ireland.

Caught Him at Last.

Her Own Admirer.

Pray Tell Me

She Devil.

Made Up Miss.

Long Tongued Woman.

The Widow.

The End of Old Maids.

You think, no doubt

Irish Woman.

A Grandmother.

Blundering little hussy

African American caricature Franz Aman trade cards

Oh! Gentle Lady, you know full well.

The Angry Woman.

Kissed the Minister

Windy Day.

Mrs. Doleful.

The Laundry Woman.

Windy Day.

The Hen-Pecked Man.

Oh! My Hoops.

Don't strike and thump him, baby Dick.

Just Dropt in - Can't Stay a Minute!

Miss Fashionable.

The Cook.

The Conceited Woman.

Thin Legs.

A Mantilla from your shoulder falls

Waddling pyramid you go,

Belle of the Ballroom.

Old Maid.

A Shirt Maker.

The Angry Woman.

Pretty lady do not rage

The School Mistress.

The Jewess.

Convenient Fashion.

A Two Faced Woman.

Oh! My Hoops.

A Wife for Old Nick.

Boarding-House Keeper.

The Novel-Reader.

Pride and Poverty.

Corkscrew Tongue.