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Long Shanks.

A Jolly Old Maid.

Disappointed Woman.

A Shrew and Brawler.

Old Maid.

The Coquette.

Deserted old damsel,

Hoops and Leader of the Fashion.

Hey, ducky dumpling, pray take care.

You are my Darling.

A Daughter of the D--.

Passionate Woman.

You ugly, cross and wrinkled shrew


Lazy Woman.


Wearing the Breeches.

The Busy Bodies.

One animal there is, always in disgrace

Saucy Wench.

Oh! For a Husband.

Handsomest Girl in Town.

The Coquette.

Wearing the Breeches.

A Man Hater (in a Horn).

Untitled [fishing for Valentines]

The Extravagant Woman.

A Mischief Making Woman.

A Lover of the Beaux.

The Bashful.

A Milliner.

To a Cap Maker

Beauty Unadorned.

Now, mother, Double Face, look here

An Envious Woman.

Pugnacious Young Lady.

To a Vain Old Maid.

Miss Pork.

The Bride.

Slovenly Woman.

A Chambermaid.

A Vile Sinner.


A Niggardly Woman.

Miss Highflyer.

She Tiger.

Model "Hoss" Woman.

A Faded Flower.

Miss Crinoline.

The Nervous Woman.