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[Three-quarter length portrait of an unidentified, seated woman] [graphic].

Louisa A. White Album

"She lives way down dar"

[African American woman holding a dog.]

[Half-length portrait of an unidentified woman, seated] [graphic].

[Lucretia Mott]

[Lucretia Mott]

Lucretia Mott

Lucretia Mott

[Lucretia Mott]

Lucretia Mott.

[African American man delivering firewood to an African American woman]

[Full-length portrait of an unidentified older woman seated in a wheelchair] [graphic].

Old '76 and young' 48.

[Group portrait in front of the rear of a frame residence at an unidentified location.]


Reading the Emancipation Proclamation

Views of slavery : [graphic] / Does the slaveholder admit the slave to be a human being? If so we would ask his interpretation of the following sentiment "Whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, do you even so to them."

Practical amalgamation. [graphic]

Practical amalgamation. [graphic] / ENC.

[Glorification of the American Union]

[Abraham Lincoln miscellany] [graphic].

Scenes from Uncle Tom's Cabin. No. 1

Emancipation: the past and the future. [graphic] / Th. Nast.

Proclamation of Emancipation. By the President of the United States of America

Here is a picture of some slaves at work. [graphic] : Reward of merit. This may certify that [Mr. George Snow] by diligence and attention to study, merits the approbation of [his] friends and teacher.

[Montage of caricatures satirizing Southern Democrats] [graphic].

Emancipation. [graphic] / Th. Nast; King & Baird, Printers, 607 Sansom Street, Philadelphia.

Emancipated slaves.

The house that Jeff built. [graphic]

'Conquering prejudice, 'or 'fulfilling a constitutitional duty with alacrity.' [graphic] /. P. Kramer.

The great November contest. Patriotism vs bummerism. [graphic]

From the plantation to the senate

"No higher law." [graphic] /

Emancipated slaves.

Practical illustration of the fugitive slave law. [graphic] /. EC, del.

A grand slave hunt, or trial of speed for the presidency, between celebrated nags Black Dan, Lewis Cass, and Haynau. [graphic] /. T.C., del.

The result of the Fifteenth Amendment, and the rise and progress of the African race in America and its final accomplishment, and celebration on May 19th A.D. 1870. [graphic]

Distinguished colored men

Heroes of the colored race

American Celebrities Albums

American celebrities album

Afro-American historical family record