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Three bells polka.

Daisy Deane : Song and chorus / Words and music mostly by Lieut. T. F. Winthrop, 19th regiment, and James R. Murray, 14th regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers.

The star spangled banner.

Silvery waves : original theme with variations for the piano forte / by A. P. Wyman.

Whisperings of love : valse sentimentale / by Charles Kinkel.

Wooden spoon lanciers.

Reward of merit. : To [blank] from [blank] teacher. [blank] 186[blank]

Reward of merit. : To [blank] from [blank] teacher. [blank] 186[blank]

Reward of merit. : To [blank] by [blank] teacher.

Ah my home.

Improvisation on the bonnie blue flag

General Robert E. Lee's quick march.

Certificate of promotion. : This may certify, that [blank] by diligent attention to study, and punctual attendance at school, has made such proficiency in the studies of [blank] department as entitles [blank] to a promotion to a higher grade; and by [blan

Certificate of promotion.

Come in out of the draft, or, How are you, Conscript? : comic song / music by B. Frank Walters ; words by Ednor Rossiter.

Marriage certificate.

Marriage certificate. : This is to certify, that Mr. [blank] and M[blank] [blank] were by me united in matrimony, this [blank] day of [blank] one thousand eight hundred and [blank] according to law, and the custom of the church. / [blank] Minister of the

Ware, Harriet, 1799-1847.

[Collection of samples of raised-letter line types for printing for the blind.]

The works of John Woolman. : In two parts.