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Whiting, Martha, 1795-1853.

Preble, Harriet, 1795-1854

A School-Mistress.

Bishop, Harriet E., 1817-1883.

Smith, Martha Hazeltine, 1808-1841.

Board of Education of the City of Camden of the State of New Jersey second class certificate [graphic] / M.H. Traubel, Lith. 409 Chestnut St. Phila.

[Boys' music class]

The School Mistress.

Dickerman sisters.

[African American primary school classroom]

Room 5, Lincoln School, Pittsburg, Pa.

[Mary Ann C. Shadd?, Washington, D.C.] [graphic] / Henrici & Garns, photographers. No. 709 South Second Street, Philadelphia.

Georgine E. Upshur Willis collection

[Stevens-Cogdell and Sanders-Venning family portrait collection]