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On freedom's altar glows a fire : An appeal to arms.

Prayer for the Union, : our country.

The sanitary fair polka.

Reply to the bonnie blue flag.

CCXI. sociable letters / written by the thrice noble, illustrious, and excellent princess, the Lady

Rock me to sleep.

Comfield, Amelia Stratton

Amelia, 1819-1852.

Haight, Sarah Rogers.

Warren, Mercy Otis, 1728-1814.

Scott, Julia H., 1809-1842.

Nichols, Mary Sargeant Gove, 1810-1884

May, Edith, b. 1827.

Hentz, Caroline Lee, 1800-1856.

Beecher, Catharine Esther, 1800-1878.

Bleecker, Ann Eliza, 1752-1783.

Wright, Frances, 1795-1852.

Trusta, H., 1815-1852.

Phelps, Adaliza Cutter, 1823-1852.

Osgood, Frances Sargent Locke, 1811-1850.

Leslie, Eliza, 1787-1858.

Lee, Mary Elizabeth, 1813-1849.

Lewis, Estelle Anna Robinson, 1824-1880.

Loud, Marguerite St. Leon, 1812?-1889.

Farley, Harriet, 1817-1907.

Edmond, Amanda M. Corey, 1824-1862.

Carroll, Anna Ella, 1815-1894

Cary, Alice, 1820-1871.

Moulton, Louise Chandler, 1835-1908

Howe, Julia Ward, 1819-1910.

Hubbell, Mary Elizabeth, 1833-1854.

Davidson, Lucretia Maria, 1808-1825.

Corwin, Jane H.

Davidson, Margaret Miller, 1787-1844.

Rankin, Mary, b. 1821

Kemble, Fanny, 1809-1893.

Fuller, Margaret, 1810-1850.

Gilman, Caroline Howard, 1794-1888

Chandler, Elizabeth Margaret, 1807-1834

Cheves, Elizabeth Washington Foote

Stowe, Harriet Beecher, 1811-1896.

Smith, Elizabeth Oakes Prince, 1806-1893.

McCord, Louisa Susanna Cheves, 1810-1879.

Greenwood, Grace, 1823-1904

Hall, Sarah, 1761-1830.

Davidson, Margaret Miller, 1823-1838.

Brooks, Maria Gowen, 1794 or 5-1845

Wheatley, Phillis, 1753-1784.

Nichols, Rebecca S. (Rebecca Shepard), 1819-1903.

Mayo, Sarah C. Edgarton (Sarah Carter Edgarton), 1819-1848.