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ASSU Illustration 6595

ASSU Illustration 3594

ASSU Illustration 6866

ASSU Illustration 8541

ASSU Illustration 6917

ASSU Illustration 6591

ASSU Illustration 6096

Zouave schottisch.

The stream of life / ballad composed by E. J. Fitzhugh.

[Portrait of a rather stern, unidentified, older woman wearing a lace collar and cap.]

[Portrait of an unidentified, young woman, wearing a white lace cap, her right arm is resting on a table. ]

Prayer for the Union, : our country.

Improvisation on the bonnie blue flag

Wooden spoon lanciers.

Three bells polka.

General Robert E. Lee's quick march.

Silvery waves : original theme with variations for the piano forte / by A. P. Wyman.

On freedom's altar glows a fire : An appeal to arms.

The star spangled banner.

Daisy Deane : Song and chorus / Words and music mostly by Lieut. T. F. Winthrop, 19th regiment, and James R. Murray, 14th regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers.

Reply to the bonnie blue flag.

Rock me to sleep.

The sanitary fair polka.

Ah my home.

CCXI. sociable letters / written by the thrice noble, illustrious, and excellent princess, the Lady

Whisperings of love : valse sentimentale / by Charles Kinkel.

ASSU Illustration 6132

ASSU Illustration 7172

ASSU Illustration 6253

ASSU Illustration 8280

ASSU Illustration 7166

ASSU Illustration 6993

ASSU Illustration 7221

ASSU Illustration 4634

ASSU Illustration 3546

ASSU Illustration 6600

ASSU Illustration 3719

ASSU Illustration 7019

ASSU Illustration 7841

ASSU Illustration 6888

ASSU Illustration 7262

ASSU Illustration 7061

ASSU Illustration 7094

ASSU Illustration 3229

Don't get above your business.

ASSU Illustration 6646

ASSU Illustration 8143

Savournin's Celebrated Snow White Diamond for beautifying the complexion



Young, Amelia.

Benjamin, Sarah.

Corwin, Jane H.

Cunningham, Emma Augusta.

[African American woman playing tambourine] [graphic].

Comfield, Amelia Stratton

Howard, Margaret, 1826-

May, Juliana.

Morley, Mrs.

Cunningham, Helen.

Cunningham, Augusta.

Amelia, 1819-1852.

Haight, Sarah Rogers.

The Ledger carrier's annual greeting. To their subscribers, New Year, 1855.

Friendship album

ASSU Illustration 9246

ASSU Illustration 6007

ASSU Illustration 6107

ASSU Illustration 6208

ASSU Illustration 6409

ASSU Illustration 6470

ASSU Illustration 6999

ASSU Illustration 6967

ASSU Illustration 6262

ASSU Illustration 6000

ASSU Illustration 7209

ASSU Illustration  6214

ASSU Illustration 6260-1-2

ASSU Illustration 7208

ASSU Illustration 6512

ASSU Illustration 7008

ASSU Illustration 3317

ASSU Illustration 7096

ASSU Illustration 4731

ASSU Illustration 3294

ASSU Illustration 7241

ASSU Illustration 7495

ASSU Illustration 6547

ASSU Illustration 7367

ASSU Illustration 1203

ASSU Illustration 6593

ASSU Illustration 6443

ASSU Illustration 9398

ASSU Illustration 7933

ASSU Illustration 7248

ASSU Illustration 9397

ASSU Illustration 7016

ASSU Illustration 9134

Marsh vegetation.

Barbara A. Townshind Silhouette Album

ASSU Illustration 6540

Woman standing in front of window, Philadelphia.

Two women sitting on marble steps in front of door, Philadelphia.

She fastened the door with a skewer.

ASSU Illustration 6322

Young woman standing in front of stone wall, Philadelphia.

Hammocks, hammock ropes, hammock spreaders, Saratoga hammock, pat'd July 19th, 1881.

Ein nagerin, ein nager

Two women standing in front of tall wooden fence, Philadelphia.

Mount Vernon, the seat of the late Genl. Washington [graphic] / Drawn by W. Birch; Engraved by S. Seymour; Philadelphia, Published March 15, 1812.

Reward of merit. : To [blank] from [blank] teacher. [blank] 186[blank]

Reward of merit. : To [blank] from [blank] teacher. [blank] 186[blank]

Reward of merit. : To [blank] by [blank] teacher.

A Berkshire road. 1888.

[Unidentified woman sitting on windowsill] [graphic].

[Unidentified women in front of brick wall] [graphic].

[Unidentified woman standing in arched doorway] [graphic].

[Unidentified woman standing by pail under window] [graphic].

[Unidentified woman standing in front of French doors] [graphic].

A young miss, a little flower, a winding path and a unique skyline, near Overbrook [graphic].

[Unidentified woman with pail] [graphic].

Barbara A. Townshind silhouette album [graphic].

[Young African American woman]


[Unidentified African American woman]

Julia Anderson

Woman standing in front of brick house with stone porch, Philadelphia.

Wyatt, Sophia, d. 1857.

Lee, Jarena, b. 1783.

Remington, Mrs.

Alice, d. 1802.

Truth, Sojourner, d. 1883.

French, Mrs.

[Print containing sentimental genre scene and proof vignette bust portraits] [graphic].

Two young women standing in front of open window of brick house, Philadelphia.

Young woman standing in front of window, Philadelphia.

Two women standing in front of old house, Philadelphia.

Young woman standing on woodland path, Philadelphia.

Young woman standing in front of brick wall and windows, Philadelphia.

Two women standing in front of stone porch, Philadelphia.

Three women sitting on marble steps, Philadelphia.

[Three unidentified women on wood scaffolding near a wooded path]

Woman standing on sidewalk in front of porch, Philadelphia.

Three young women standing in front of window, Philadelphia.

Four older women standing in grassy backyard, Philadelphia.

Two nicely dressed young women standing in front of brick building, Philadelphia.

Young woman standing in front of window, Philadelphia.

Two women standing in front of brick house, Philadelphia.

Needlework Sampler

The colored beauty.

Reward of merit

[Unidentified woman by palm tree, possibly Bermuda] [graphic].

Palmetto Palms at Long house, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Old Arbor Vitae Tree (1400 years old) over bed of Cascase near Forest Inn, [Cedar Creek, VA] [graphic].

Morrell, Abby Jane, 1809-

Warren, Mercy Otis, 1728-1814.

Wells, Rachel Hill, 1735-1796.

Scott, Harriet Hill, 1729-1795.

Scott, Julia H., 1809-1842.

Nichols, Mary Sargeant Gove, 1810-1884

May, Edith, b. 1827.

Heron, Matilda, 1830-1877.

Hentz, Caroline Lee, 1800-1856.

Beecher, Catharine Esther, 1800-1878.

Bleecker, Ann Eliza, 1752-1783.

Beekman, Cornelia, 1752-1822.

Wright, Frances, 1795-1852.

Trusta, H., 1815-1852.

Phelps, Adaliza Cutter, 1823-1852.

Osgood, Frances Sargent Locke, 1811-1850.

Leslie, Eliza, 1787-1858.

Lee, Mary Elizabeth, 1813-1849.

Lewis, Estelle Anna Robinson, 1824-1880.

Lamar, Mary Hill, 1725-1799.

Loud, Marguerite St. Leon, 1812?-1889.

Farley, Harriet, 1817-1907.

Edmond, Amanda M. Corey, 1824-1862.

Carroll, Anna Ella, 1815-1894

Caton, Louisa

Caton, Marianne

Cary, Alice, 1820-1871.

Rolla, Teresa.

Howe, Julia Ward, 1819-1910.

Hubbell, Mary Elizabeth, 1833-1854.

Jackson, Elizabeth Willing.

Davidson, Lucretia Maria, 1808-1825.

Davidson, Margaret Miller, 1787-1844.

Whiting, Martha, 1795-1853.

White, Irene C.