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E. side of Barn House, 40 [sic] W. Walnut Lane, built 1796 (J. Fredk. Thomas). [graphic].

Barn house, Walnut Lane, Germantown. [graphic].

Old barn of Wyck altered into dwelling, Walnut Lane W. of Main St.

Haines, Reuben

Haines, Robert B., 1827-1895

[Wyck, 6026 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia.] [graphic].

"Wyck" Haines home, Walnut Lane & Main St., oldest house standing in Gt'n at this date.

Wyck in March 1840, from daguerreotype made by Prof. Walter R. Johnson.

Wyck postcards.

Wyck, Germantown (from steps of Methodist Church). [graphic].

Wyck, Jane Haines' house, no. [blank] Main St. From Dr. Dunton's gate, [Germantown] [graphic].

Haines, John S., 1820-1886

[Wyck, detail of door, 6026 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia.] [graphic].

Wyck. [graphic].


Wyck, front door.

Wyck, front bedroom.

Haines, Ruben, 1728-1793

[Thomas H. Wilkinson watercolor views of Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Thomas H. Wilkinson watercolor views of Philadelphia] [graphic].