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Hawkins Zouaves 9th Regt. [graphic] / Gurney & Son, photo. N.Y.

"One flag. One country. Zwei lager." [graphic] : Gurney & Son, photo. N.Y.

Album [graphic].

The victory of Roanoke, Feby. 8th, 1862. The brilliant and decisive bayonet charge of New York 9th Hawkins Zouaves. [graphic].

Philadelphia Zouave Corps.

[Sheet of label proofs] [graphic].

Scene of camp life.

The battle of Bull's Run [graphic].

The Fifteenth Amendment. Celebrated May 19th 1870. [graphic] / From an original design by James C. Beard.

The result of the Fifteenth Amendment, and the rise and progress of the African race in America and its final accomplishment, and celebration on May 19th A.D. 1870. [graphic]