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[A. H. Eckhardt. Soap & candle manufactory, No. 326 N. Second Street, Philadelphia]

American Hotel. Henry A. Charter. Chestnut Street, opposite the State House Philadelphia.

View of Robert Buist's city nursery & greenhouses No. 140 South Twelfth Str. Phila. 1846.

W. P. Hacker, importer and wholesale dealer in china, glass, queensware & fancy goods, No. 60, North Second Street, Philadelphia.

Wakefield Manufacturing Company. Hosiery. Germantown, Philada. County.

Porteus' works. Pine oil camphine distilled by steam. No. 581 North Front Street. Philadelphia.

H.S. Tarr monument, &c. marble mantle manufacturer.

Geo. W. Ridgway, successor to Saml. P. Griffitts, Jr. Drugs [and] chemicals, [N.W. corner of 9th and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia]

[George Mecke cabinet maker and upholsterer, No 355, North 2nd St. nearly opposite Tammany St. Philadelphia.]

George W. Watson coach & harness maker. Philadelphia.

H. P. & W. C. Taylor perfumers

[Hartley & Knight's bedding warehouse, 148 South Second Street, Philadelphia]

Henry Beagle, blacksmith and hame manufacturer, corner of Magnolia & Willow Sts. between Fifth & Sixth Sts. Philadelphia.

Joseph Oat & Son, coppersmiths, No. 12 Quarry Street Philadelphia.

Keyser & Foxe's mahogany steam saw mill & turning shop No. 21 [later 225] Crown St. between Race & Vine Sts., Philadelphia.

[Knight's patent paper machine, manufactory. A.L. Knight & Co.]

[Lewis Fatman & Co., steam paste blacking, steam friction matches, 41 N. Front Street, Philadelphia]

[Lewis Fatman & Co., blacking manufactory, steam friction matches manufactory, back of No. 412 Coates Street, Philadelphia]

Edward Banister carpet warehouse. Stephen Foulk's cheap carpet & floor oil cloth warehouse. Carpetings.

[Conrad & Roberts hardware & cutlery, 123 N. Third Street, Philadelphia]

[Donnelly's steam patent match manufactory, Linden Street near the Stone Bridge, Philadelphia]

Dr. George Stuart's botanical syrup and vegetable pills, the greatest family medicine in the world.

[J. C. Jenkins & Co. grocery and tea store, S.W. corner of Chestnut and 12th Streets, Philadelphia]

[J. Hartman's biscuit bakery, No. 90 Penn Street, Philadelphia]

[J. & J. Reakirt, wholesale druggists and importers of drugs, chemicals, paints, dye-stuffs, &c. &c. S.E. cor. of Third & Callowhill Sts., Philada.]

[J. Mayland, Jr. & Co. tobacco & snuff manufactory. Segars, foreign & domestic. Wholesale grocers, N.W. corner of Third and Race Streets, Philadelphia]

[J. Willis, shoe manufactory, 241 Arch Street, Philadelphia]

[Jacob Emerick importer and wholesaler, dealer in china, glass & Queensware, No. 215 North Third Street. Philada. 4 doors below Callowhill St. east side. Packing warranted.]

[James Lane's stove store, No. 218 North Third Street, Philadelphia]

John Bancroft, Jr. soap and candle manufactory. No. 19, Wood St. betw. 2nd & 3rd Sts. & Vine and Callowhill Sts. Philadelphia.

John C. Baker & Co. wholesale dealers & importers of drugs, medicines, chemicals, paints & dye stuffs, No. 100, North Third St. Philadelphia.

Finn & Burton's paper hangings warehouse No 142, Arch St. Phila.

[Francis Field & Francis, importers & dealers in tin plate & tinsmans furniture, importers & manufacturers of saddlery hardware, tin ware, tin toys & japanned wares, no. 80 Nth 2nd St., Philadelphia]

Franklin Iron Works. Sutton & Smith's iron foundry, Franklin Street between Second and Front Streets, Philadelphia

[Garden & Brown, silk & fur hat manufactory, 196 Market Street, Philadelphia]

John C. Farr & Co. importers of watches, watchmakers tools. Silver & plated ware, musical boxes, etc. No. 112, Chestnut St. between 3rd & 4th St. Philada.

[John Horn, drugs and chemical store, N.E. corner of Third & Brown Streets, Philadelphia]

[John Ziegler, grocer, N.W. corner of Callowhill and Water Streets, Philadelphia]

[Jordan & Brother, wholesale grocers, No. 121 North Third Street, Philadelphia.]

[Joseph Feinour & Son stove store and Joseph Feinour's tin, copper brass & iron ware house 213-215 South Front Street, Philadelphia]

Foering & Thudiums cheap stove ware-house.

John Hibler, importer & wholesale dealer in foreign & American wines & liquors. No. 56, North Third Street, (second door above Arch,) Philadelphia.

Lacey & Phillips.

Melloy & Ford, wholesale tin ware manufacturers.

Penn Hotel & Denny's harness shop.

Pascal Iron Works, Morris Tasker & Morris

West Philadelphia Sadiron Works, M.L. Keen & Brother, Proprietors.

Oliver Brooks, wholesale and retail, hat, cap & fancy fur warehouse

Charles Oakford's 1848 & 49 fashions for hats, caps & furs, wholesale & retail establishment, no. 104 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

A. Fiot publisher of music, importer of musical merchandize [sic]. Wholesale & retail, No. 196 Chestnut Street Philadelphia. [graphic] : Piano, harps, guitars, violins, flutes, brass instruments, Italian strings. &c. &c. / H. Dacre, del.