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Steamboat "Undine".

Steamboat - Undine.

Views of Independence Hall, Philadelphia.

View of wheel house, Fairmount.

Baptist Church, 18th & Spring Garden, Phila.

Landsdown Farm.

Doorway of Carpenter's Hall, Phila.

Kane's boat, deer park, Philada. park.

[Hamm monument, Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pa.]

[William Hill Moore monument, Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pa.]

Harris'es monument in Woodland Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pa.

Girard College. Front view.

State House, Philadelphia.

State House Philadelphia.

River Road and park carriage, Phila. park.

Terrace walk, Fairmount Park.

Fish pool and fountain.

Palo Alto, [illegible]

[View of rocky hillside near railroad in Mill Creek Valley, Schuylkill County]

Washington Monument and Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.

American Fall from Luna Island.

Falls of Niagara from New Suspension Bridge. On the line of the N.Y.C. & H.R.R.R.

Rapids and Third Sister Island.

U.S. Mint, Chestnut below Broad St., Phila. Pa.

U.S. Mint, Chestnut, below Broad St.

General view, Dupont's Powder Mills.

Scenery at West West Falls, Schuylkill County, Pa.

Fish pond.

Central High School, Broad and Green Streets.

Post office, Chestnut St., below Fifth. (Instantaneous).

Skating on the Schuylkill.



Arch Street Theatre.

Chestnut Hill Depot.

View of West Phila. from Fairmount.

Mansion at Fairmount Park.

Second lock above Reading, Union Canal.

Junc. R.R. tunnel under Market & Chestnut Sts.

Schooner at Chestnut Street, wharf, Phila.

Silver Brook.

[Falls Village, Schuylkill River]

Girard College, (rear.)

Cohocksink M.E. Church.

Cohocksink M.E. Church.

Industrial exposition hall.

View in the Park. [graphic].

Merchant's Exchange, [143 Third Street]

Continental Hotel, Philadelphia

Penn's House (yet standing), in Letitia Court, Philada.