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[J.H.R. Richelderfer, manufacturer of gent's fine shirts & collars, 1032 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia] [graphic]

[Lake and mountain landscape] [graphic] / C. R. Pancoast.

Bits of color. [graphic] / R.S. Redfield.

[Three men by a carriage at an unidentified rural location]

[Booker T. Washington]

[African American minstrel group performing on a riverboat]

[Copy photograph of African American woman caregiver with her young white charges] [graphic] / F. Gutekunst, 712 Arch St. Philadelphia.

Copy photograph of African American woman caregiver with her young white charges


Onoko Falls, Pa.

"As if he had been in a bottle strongly corked." [graphic] / WFG.

"I don't care for signs."

At dinner, Girard College, Philadelphia.

What is home without a husband?

Brickeen Bridge, Killarney, Ireland.

An unpleasantness in Swampoodle

[Unidentified young African American woman]

[Employees of the Philadelphia Grain Elevator Company's Twentieth Street elevator]

[Unidentified African American woman]

[Unidentifed African American man]

[Henry Ward Beecher]

[Henry Ward Beecher]

[Unidentified young African American man]

Edward Evertt Hale

[Employees of Ridgway & Pancoast, produce warehouse, 110 Mattis Street, Philadelphia]

[Photographic reproductions of the Cartoon Printing Co. series after the 1878 Harper’s Weekly "Blackville" series “The Twins”] [graphic]/ McGreer.

No. 1. The flirtation [graphic] / McGreer.

No. 2 The introduction [graphic] / McGreer.

No. 3 The courting [graphic] / McGreer.

No. 4 The proposal [graphic] / McGreer.

No. 5 The duel [graphic] / McGreer.

No. 6 The wedding [graphic] / McGreer.

No. 8 Return from the honeymoon tour [graphic] / McGreer.

No. 9 Coming events [graphic] / McGreer.

No. 10 The event Or where "2 pair is better than 4 of a kind" [graphic] / McGreer.

[Portrait of five African American men attired in uniforms, probably band uniforms] [graphic] / Harry A. Webb, 112 & 114 Nth. 9th St. Philadelphia, Pa.

The colored band. [graphic].

Monday morning or the tender passion. [graphic].

The old and the new – “Nothin’ but niggers nohow.” [graphic].

Saturday evening. [graphic].

Street cries. [graphic].

Pundita Ramabai and her little girl [graphic] / F. Gutekunst, 712 Arch St., Philadelphia.

[Photographic reproduction of an allegorical view including Abraham Lincoln, a pavilion, and marching soldiers] [graphic] / P. Philipoteaux; Allen & Rowell, photographers, 25 Winter Street, Boston.

Two Weeks in the Yellowstone, 1887

Two weeks in the Yellowstone.

Eminent women [graphic] :/ Mary A. Livermore. Sara Jewett. Grace A. Oliver. Helen Hunt. Nora Perry. Lucy Larcom. Frances Hodgson Burnett. Elizabeth Stuart Phelps. Louise Chandler Moulton. Louisa M. Alcott. Julia Ward Howe. Harriet Beecher Stowe / Notman p

Franklin W. Kohler bicycling events 1884

Scrapbook of Greeting Cards, Menus, Invitations, etc.