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Memorial Hall.

Brewer's Hall.

Centennial opening - the choristers.

The Lake, from Machinery Hall.

Floral Hall - Horticultural Building.

Lansdowne Valley

Marvelous Plant - Agricultural Hall

Horticultural Building - S.W. Forcing Room

Selections from Tiffany & Co. - Main Building.

General view of Egyptian section - Main Building.

Japanese Section - Main Building.

Main Building - Nave, from Transept Looking East - March 2.

Main Building - north entrance.

U.S. Government Building

Joy and grief.

Indiana State Building.

Selections from Elkington's repousse exhibit - Main Building.

Machinery Hall - South Avenue from East End

Floral Hall - Horticultural Building

Horticultural Hall from W. End.

Moranta Zabrina, Floral Hall.

Norway section - Main Building.

Unidentified ceramic exhibit.

King Iron Bridge, Looking North

Main Building - for "Art and Industry".

Chinese section - Main Building.

Birds-eye view from Machinery Hall looking west.

Washington's Tea Set - [U.S.] Government Building

Mammoth Grape Vine of Santa Barbara

The Dying Lioness.

Singer Sewing Machine Company's Building, Interior

Agricultural building - north front.

California State Building.

Winged Horses.

Japanese Bronzes, Main Building.

Floral Hall - Horticultural Building.

Moors, Moorish furniture, etc.

Machinery Hall - Pump Annex

Horti: Hall from Municipal B.

C. Schlickeysen's Exhibit - Machinery Hall

Arkansas State Building.

Bird's eye view from the Resevoir.

Agricultural Hall - Nave, Looking North

Statue: "Out in the rain".

The American Volunteer (Granite Statue).

Kindergarten - Interior

Study in Horticultural Hall - for "art and industry".

Mrs. Maxwell's Rocky Mountain Museum Series - Colorado Building

New Jersey State Building.

Spanish Government Building.