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Abolitionist Philanthropist.

Accept Your Own.



Ah! now I

Alas, poor man,

All for Balls and Dress.

All for Dress.

All for Dress.

All Lager--No Love.

All Tongue.

The Almighty Dollar Worshipper.

Although you're a Lieutenant bold.

Always sleeping at your post.

Amiable Woman.

An Amiable Young Lady.

Among the women who in history brightest have shone.

An! biddy, dear, do cease to scrub.

The Angry Woman.

The Angry Woman.

The Army Contractor.

Arrah, Patrick, my boy, now, and where are you jigging?


An Aspiring Soldier.

The Author.

Awkward, clumsy, bawling


A Bag of Wind.

A Bag of Wind.

A Baker.

The Baker

A Ball Character.

The Barber.

A Bargain Second Hand

A Barrel of Lager.

The Bashful.

Bawling about the streets

Be aisy now, darlints, be aisy, I say.

A Bear, what

A Bear, what

The Beauty.

Beauty of Ireland.

Beauty Unadorned.

Begone, you dirty

Behold her pompous, lofty stride.