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Old Maid.

You think your style is just the thing

The Wounded Soldier.

Tom-Boy Girl.

Return of a Three Year's Volunteer.

The Barber.

The Innocent Young Man.

To a Bricklayer.

Not So Many "Fine Airs" on the Piano.

To a Heavy Dragoon.

To a Tinker.


Oh! For a Husband.

Handsomest Girl in Town.

The Almighty Dollar Worshipper.

The Laundry Woman.


Street Sweeper.

Windy Day.

The Hen-Pecked Man.

The Brave Volunteer.

Elephant on Skates.

The Coquette.

Wearing the Breeches.

Country Pumbkin.

To Mars, the soldier's god of war

Oh! My Hoops.

An Irishman.

A Fancy Soldier.

Country Storekeeper.

Recruiting Pimp.

The Cavalryman.

A Man Hater (in a Horn).

Untitled [fishing for Valentines]

To a Zouave.


The Toper.

A Zouave.

Mr. Poor Pay.

The ladies' hoops do dreadful slaughter.

Dress Maker.

Long Shanks.

Mr. Whiskerando.

Would-Be Woman.

A Man Crying.


The Extravagant Woman.