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The Jealous Man.

A Mischief Making Woman.

My Heart and Hand are Yours.

Butcher Boy.

The Soldier.

Don't strike and thump him, baby Dick.

A Saucy Jade.

Woman's Rights.

Foul-Mouth'd Woman.

A Bull Run-ner.

A Lover of the Beaux.

Country Bumpkin.


Just Dropt in - Can't Stay a Minute!

What Is It on Ice?

Sleepy Head.

The Verdant Woman.

The Bashful.

Miss Fashionable.

Abolitionist Philanthropist.

You go in for the largest liberty

No doubt, my dear friend, with your good rifled bore.

Look Out for the Rope.

Peace, proud puppy! would-be soldier

A Trifling Dotard.

Sporting and Spending.

The Cook.

A Painter.

The Music Teacher.

Beloved by Everybody.

Dead drunk, and sleeping on the ground.

The Tailor.

To a Secessionist.

The Conceited Woman.

A Son of a Gun.

A Milliner.

The Veteran.

On to Richmond.

Oh gunner bold and gunner wise.

Flower of Your Sex.

The Belle.

Heads I Win--Tails You Loose.

The Secessionist.

A Fox. (Lawyer.)

You talk so much of what you'll do

House Maid.

Thin Legs.

The President of the Ugly Club.

The Listener.