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The Pretty Pair.

The Private.

`Twould be a rather serious joke

Mr. Hog.

How suddenly, dear sir, you stopped your talk of war and glory

I see your feet are mighty large

Smoker of the filthy weed

Now, mother, Double Face, look here


Waddling pyramid you go,

Hog on Ice

Love Sick Fellow.

Dress Maker.

You're to the soldiers quite a flunkey

Thou lazy hussy

The Politician.

An Envious Woman.

The Heart Breaker.

Pugnacious Young Lady.

Tenant Wanted.

To a Druggist.

I very much mistrust, old Lotion

Thou languishing young lady-bird

Vain Man.

Miss Pork.

The Rum-Cask.

Snake in the Grass, (A Deceitful Man.)

Aint you a pretty pair of bloods, as in the cars you ride

Fee! Faw!! Fum!!!

The Bride.

Belle of the Ballroom.

The Glutton.

The House-Maid.

One of the Upper Ten.

Slovenly Woman.

A Chambermaid.


The Inquisitive Man.

A Vile Sinner.


A Military Sneak.

Go it, Drum Major, now's your chance.

Would-Be Hero.

Cod-Fish Aristocracy.

Dutch Woman.

Disappointed Woman.


A Niggardly Woman.

Country Girl.

A Widow.