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Girard Bank. [graphic].

Carpenters' Hall. [graphic].

Dr. Casper Wister house, S.W. cor. 4th & Locust Sts. [graphic].

Krider's gun store, N.E. cor. 2nd & Walnut Sts. [graphic].

Old Blue Anchor Tavern, Front & Dock Sts. [graphic].

Old Market, Second & Pine Sts. [graphic].

Old Franklin Institute, S. 7th St., Phila. [graphic].

Morris House, door, 225 S. 8th St., blt. 1785. [graphic].

Morris House. [graphic].

4825 Germantown Ave., home of Christian Ottinger, a soldier of the Pennsylvania Line in the Revolutionary War. [graphic].

Grumblethorpe, the John Wister House, 5261 Germantown Ave., built 1744. During the Battle of Germantown, the British Gen. Agnew was brought here wounded & died in the parlor. [graphic].

Valley Green Inn on Wissahickon, Philadelphia. [graphic].

John Bartram's House, side view. [graphic].

Commemorative tablet on City Hall, Philadelphia to Swedish settlers. [graphic].

John & Mildred Keen house cor. of Chestnut & Mansion Sts. on site of present Drexel Institute. [graphic].

6043 Germantown Ave. Centre of fierce skirmish during the Battle of Germantown. [graphic].

6303 [sic] Germantown Ave. [graphic].

Bartram's back door. [graphic].

Cliveden. [graphic].

Cliveden, home of the Chew Family. Built in 1760 on Germantown Ave. Seat of the Battle of Germantown. [graphic].

Concord School House, built 1775, Germantown Ave. [graphic].

6306 Germantown Ave. [graphic].

Stenton, house of James Logan. [graphic].

[Gloria Dei Church, 929 S. Water Street, Philadelphia.] [graphic].

John Bartram's house. [graphic].

Independence Hall. [graphic].

Independence Hall. [graphic].

Whitby Hall, 58th & Florence Ave. [graphic].

Whitby Hall, 58th & Florence Ave. [graphic].

David Rittenhouse home. [graphic].

[St. David's Church, interior view of altar, Wayne, Delaware County, Pa.] [graphic].

Wheel Pump Hotel, on Bethlehem Pike, showing the pump from which it got its name, now removed 1940. [graphic].

[Unidentified buildings, Philadelphia.] [graphic].

Christ Church, window. [graphic].

Window in Christ Church. Westernmost of the stained glass windows on the South Side. Upper part "Council of Nice, A. D. 325." Lower part "Origin of the American Church in Christ Church 1785." [graphic].

Christ Church window. [graphic].

House where Sally Wister wrote her journal. [graphic].

Grumblethorpe, Wister property. [graphic].

Tom Moore's Cottage, Fairmount Park, Phila. [graphic].

[Historical Pageant, Belmont Plateau, Fairmount Park, October 1912] [graphic].

[22nd Street, west side north of Market Street, Philadelphia]

Pennsylvania Rail Road Co. connecting bridge at Girard Ave.

Betsy Ross House before restoration. [graphic].

Miss Sally Wister, whose journal written at the age of 16, depicts much of the Revolutionery period. It is edited by her great-nephew, the late Owen Wister, & is a gay and amusing book. [graphic].

Grumblethorpe in 1744 from Mr. Wister's history. [graphic].

Grumblethorpe, old barns, 1744. [graphic].