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Lemon Hill, near the mansion.

First Baptist Church, Philadelphia.

Masonic Hall Ches[t]nut Street, Penna.

Chestnut Street from the Custom House Philadelphia.

Church of the Intercessor, Philadelphia.

Church of the Intercessor, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Young England [graphic] : O, shameful England! Greedy puffed with pride, a friend in sore distress, thy false heart hath denied.

Abraham Lincoln

Views of the Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania.

The second great match game for the championship, between the Athletic Base Ball Club of Philadelphia and the Atlantics of Booklyn, on the grounds of the Athletics, Fifteenth & Columbia Avenue, Phila., Oct. 22nd, 1866.

[Walter Graham, wholesale & retail grocer, northwest corner of Market and Sixteenth Streets, Philadelphia]

White's great cattle show, and grand procession of the victuallers of Philadelphia

Life in Philadelphia. An unfair reflection. [graphic] / Designd & drawn by W. Summers; Hunt sculpt.

Life in Philadelphia. "Have you any flesh coloured silk stockings...?" [graphic] / Engd. by Chas. Hunt.

Life in Philadelphia. Romeo and Juliet. [graphic] / W.S.; C. Hunt, Sc.

The gallant charge of the Fifty Fourth Massachusetts (Colored) Regiment

The gallant charge of the Fifty Fourth Massachusetts (Colored) Regiment [graphic] : On the rebel works at Fort Wagner, Morris Island near Charleston, July 18th 1863, and death of Colonel Robt. G. Shaw.

The colored volunteer

Order of the United American Mechanics. Founded July 8th, 1845. Honesty, industry & sobriety. [membership certificate]

David Chillas Lithographer, 50 S. 3rd St. Philada.

Summer scene in the country.

Civil War military campaign and battle maps. [cartographic material].

Saint John's Lutheran Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Secession displayed [graphic].

Views of Woodlands Cemetery, 3900 Woodland Avenue, Philadelphia.

Trinity Church. (Protestant Episcopal.) Catherine Street, between Second and Third streets. Philadelphia. [graphic].

The last offer of reconciliation [graphic] : In rememberance of Prest. A. Lincolns. "The door is open for all." H. Thomas; Lithogr. by Kimmel & Forster 256 Canal Str. N.Y.

Life in Philadelphia. Grand celebration ob de bobalition ob African slabery. [graphic] / Drawn and Engd. by I. Harris.

Residence of Joseph Harrison, Esqr. Rittenhouse Square, Phila.

West Arch Street Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].

New drawing album [graphic].