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Home of Col. Thos. Forrest, artillery officer Battle Germantown. Stenton Ave, east side, north of Haines St.

Christopher Ludwig house, Haines Street.

Clock tower of Independence Hall, Philada.

Steamboat plying between Phila. and Smith's Island. Between Phila. & Camden.

Canal near Bridgeport below Norristown, Pa.

Valley Green Bridge, Wissahickon, 1913.

On the Wissahickon near Valley Green.

Valley Green on Wissahickon.

Spring on the Cresheim Creek.

Where Wissahickon Drive joins E. Park Drive.

E. Park Drive where Wissahickon Drive enters.

Riverside Mansion, formerly Milverton.

Fairmount Waterworks.

Doorway of Stenton.

Stenton, built by James Logan 1727.

Chelten Ave. Station P.R.R. Just before it was raised [sic] 1-1916.

Peter Robeson House in 1789. Ridge Road & mouth of the Wissahickon.

Reading R.R. Bridge at mouth of Wissahickon.

Looking east at mouth of Wissahickon.

Pencoyd Iron Works, opposite mouth of Wissahickon.

Robeson's Knoll, mouth of Wissahickon.

Germantown High School

Concord School House. Built 1775.

Old Concord School House. Main St. Germantown, Pa. Built 1775

Wyck in March 1840, from daguerreotype made by Prof. Walter R. Johnson.

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