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[69th New York Volunteers, "The Fighting 69th"]

1st German Rifle Regt. NY. St. Vol. and 8th N.Y. German Rifles, Col. Blenker

55th Regiment, N.Y. St. Mil: Col. Le Gal.

3rd Reg. Missouri Voli, Col: F. Sigel.

[11th Infantry Regiment New York, "Fire Zouaves"]

69th Regiment of New York. Col. Corcoran.

6th Reg. Wilson's Zouaves, N.Y. St. Vol: Col. Wilson

James Vick, Rochester, N.Y. Flower, vegetable, seeds &c.

United States Land Company [certificate] [graphic].

Lafourcade, Bros. & Irwin [banknote vignette].

De Coursey, Bryan & Co. [banknote vignette].

Col. Hyatt's military polka

Civil War era paper soldiers collection. [graphic].

Civil War Paper Soldiers Collection

United States' Volunteers.

United States' Volunteers.

Abraham Lincoln, late president of the U.S. assassinated April 14th, 1865.

[Civil War miscellanies] [graphic]

Civil War stationery collection