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Roberts Vaux

Roberts Vaux [graphic] / Painted by Henry Inman; On Stone by A. Newsam.

London Coffee House

Indian Queen Hotel.

Pennsylvania Colonization Society

Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church [certificate]

A. Koellner, painter, No. 74 corner of Chestnut and Exchange Streets, Philadelphia

Peter Parker, No. 249 North Second St. [Philadelphia] :

A. Russell & Co. 104 Chestnut Street. Philadelphia. Fashionable hat and cap manufacturers.

Skating. Scene on the River Delaware at Philadelphia. Febry. 12th 1831.

Morris Iron Works, cor. Schuylkill 7th & Market sts. Philadelphia. Established in 1828.

Implements of torture, and their dangerous effects illustrated.

Peter S. Duval, lithographer

My own sketch book;

[Bulkley's hat store, 149 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia]

Railroad bridge over the Wissahickon, near Manayunk.

The City Hotel, No. 41 North Third St. near Market St. Philadelphia.

Fixing a block-head to the Constitution or putting a wart on the nose of old ironsides. [graphic]

Wm C. Rudman's Philadelphia pale ale on draught, warranted for from all pernicious drugs and alcoholic admixture, Brewery, 121 Green Street, Northern Liberties.

[Certificate of the Guardians, Physicans and Surgeons of the] Philadelphia Alms House

The Philadelphia Firemen's Anniversary Parade March composed for his brass band expressly for the occasion, arranged for the piano forte and respectfully dedicated to the Fire Department by Francis Johnson Philadelphia. [graphic] / Designed & drawn on sto

U. S. Naval Asylum; State House

Plates from "Sketches supposed to have been intended for Fanny Kemble's journal"

[Andrew Berryhill (sic)]

No. 150 Chesnut [sic] Street Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Citizen's Line of steam boats to New York & Baltimore.

Moss, upholsterer, No. 127 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.

Philadelphia from the Navy Yard

Philadelphia from the Navy Yard

Philadelphia from the Navy Yard

Bowlby & Weaver's hardware store No.77 Market Street Philadelphia.

View from the inclined plane, near Philadelphia.

A Zoolu warrior & his daughter [graphic] / Drawn on stone by W. Bagg ; Printed by Graf & Soret.

United States Bank

Christ Church Philadelphia.

Stationer & blank book binder, Hymen L. Lipman successor to Samuel M. Stewart. No. 139 Chestnut St. opposite the Philadelphia Bank. Philadelphia.

Stephen P. Morris & Co. Manufacturers of wrought iron welded tubes for gas and other purposes Philadelphia.

Fairmount from the first landing

Old rosin the beau. Favourite [sic] comic song dedicated with much respect to the members of the Falcon Barge by the publisher.

Cardington Foundry

Blake's collection of popular marches composed and arranged for the piano forte.

Practical amalgamation. [graphic]

Southern ideas of liberty ; New method of assorting the mail, as practised by southern slave-holders, or attack on the post office, Charleston, S.C. [graphic]

Johnny Q., introducing the Haytien Ambassador to the ladies of Lynn, Mass. Respectfully inscribed to Miss Caroline Augusta Chase, & the 500 ladies of Lynn who wish to marry black husbands. [graphic] / EWC.

Life in Philadelphia (London).

The disappointed abolitionists. [graphic] / C.

Senate chamber U.S.A. Conclusion of Clay's speech in defense of slavery. [graphic]

Immediate emancipation illustrated. [graphic]

Views of slavery : [graphic] / Does the slaveholder admit the slave to be a human being? If so we would ask his interpretation of the following sentiment "Whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, do you even so to them."