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[J. Mayland, Jr. & Co. tobacco & snuff manufactory. Segars, foreign & domestic. Wholesale grocers, N.W. corner of Third and Race Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[T. E. Chapman, book store, 74 North Fourth Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / Drawn on stone by Wm. H. Rease, No. 17, So. 5th.

[Church of the Nativity] [graphic] / N. Le Brun , archt. Philadelphia; A. Koellner engr. on stone.

Chapel. [graphic] / J. Notman, Archt. & del.

General view of Laurel Hill Cemetery. [graphic] / J. Notman Archt. et del. ; On stone by Pinkerton.

[J. & J. Reakirt, wholesale druggists and importers of drugs, chemicals, paints, dye-stuffs, &c. &c. S.E. cor. of Third & Callowhill Sts., Philada.] [graphic] / M. S. Weaver, del.

Northern Liberties' Sugar Refinery. [graphic] / Drawn by M. S. Weaver, No. 62 Walnut St.

[Wm D. Parrish, book bindery, paper & rag warehouse, paper books and stationery, 4 North Fifth Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Ruins of St. Augustines Church North 4th Street Phila. Destroyed by a mob on the evening of the 8th of May 1844. [graphic] / L.F.

[William Newell. Store. No. 3 So. Water Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / On stone by A. Hoffy.

The Artillery Corps of Philadelphia Greys, (Company D), Comd. by Capt. Geo. Cadwalader, First Regiment of Artillery, 1st Brigade, 1st Division, P. M. [graphic] / Sketched on the spot & Lithogd. by Alfred Hoffy; P.S. Duval, Lith.

[Newmarket hardware, cutlery and nail store, 244 South Second Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / James Queen del.

[Conrad & Roberts hardware & cutlery, 123 N. Third Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / Drawn on stone W. H. Rease, 17 So. 5th St. Phila.

[Joseph Feinour & Son stove store and Joseph Feinour's tin, copper brass & iron ware house 213-215 South Front Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / W. H. Rease, 17, So. 5th St.

[Thos. Minford. Wholesale & retail grocery & tea warehouse, s.w. corner of Second and Walnut Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic] / On stone by W. H. Rease, No. 17, So. 5th St.

Wetherill's white lead, red lead, chemical glass, drug & dye stuff store. Sons of and successors to Samuel Wetherill who established the first white lead manufactory in the United States. Old stand 65 North Front Street east side, three doors south of Arc

[American Hotel] Henry A. Charter. Chestnut Street, opposite the State House Philadelphia. [graphic] / W. H. Rease, del.

[C. F. Mansfield. Paper hangings. Wholesale and retail, 275 South Second Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / Drawn on stone by R. F. Reynolds, Philada.

[Jacob Emerick importer and wholesaler, dealer in china, glass & Queensware, No. 215 North Third Street. Philada. 4 doors below Callowhill St. east side. Packing warranted.] [graphic] / M.S.W.

[Ritter Cotterell & Ritter wholesale drug & chemical warehouse. Paints, oils, glass & dye stuffs. 132 North Third Street, corner of Branch Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / M. S. Weaver, del.

[Dickson & Co., watches, fine cutlery, jewellery, no. 14 North Fifth Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[F. Fisher. Upholstery, No 31. Cheap bedding and feather warehouse.] [graphic].

[Hartley & Knight's bedding warehouse, 148 South Second Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[J. Willis, shoe manufactory, 241 Arch Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Knight's patent paper machinery. [graphic].

[Piper & Andrews, warm air furnace manufactory. Cooking ranges. 82 North Sixth Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

View of Robert Buist's city nursery & greenhouses No. 140 South Twelfth Str. Phila. 1846. [graphic] / Taken on the spot & lithographed by A. Hoffy.

[Charles Gilbert's stove manufactory, 249 North Second Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / Drawn by W. H. Rease, 17 So. 5th Str. Phila.

[Garden & Brown, silk & fur hat manufactory, 196 Market Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / On stone by W. H. Rease, 17 So. 5th. St.

[Samuel Powell & Co. ship & house work in tin, copper, brass and iron, No. 8 Market Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

The Magnetic Observatory at the Girard College [graphic] / S. Rufus Mason.

[J. C. Jenkins & Co. grocery and tea store, S.W. corner of Chestnut and 12th Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic] / Desnd. & drawn by Ellwood D. Long.

[Humane Society of Philadelphia]

Philadelphia, von dem grossen Baume zu Kensington aus geschen, unter welchem William Penn den tractat mit den Indianern abschloss.

[Merchants' Exchange, 143 South Third Street, Philadelphia]

Museu de Filadelphia.

[Christ Chapel, Eddington of All Saints Church, Lower Dublin Townhsip, near Torresdale]

St. Mark's Church Philadelphia

Ansicht von Fairmount in Philadelphia.

[Wilson & Lavender. J. P. Wilson, Southwark Planing Mill Swanson Street near Christian, close to the Delaware]

Moyer & Hazard, successors of Alexander Fullerton, 174 Market Street, fifth door above Fifth Street, Philadelphia [and] Elijah Bowen, wholesale & retail hat & cap store, No. 176 Market Street, Philadelphia.

Ruins of St. Augustines Church North 4th Street Phila.

U. S. Mint, Philadelphia.

Williams Ogle, coach & harness maker No. 280, Chesnut [sic] Street, above 10th south side, Philadelphia.

[Wm. W. Clark, drug & chemical warehouse, 16 North Fifth Street, Philadelphia]

[Lockwood & Smith, importers and dealers china, glass and Queensware, 7 South Fourth Street, Philadelphia]

[Church of the Nativity]

37 Crown Street.

The Wesleyan Female Collegiate Institute, Wilmington, Del.

Friends' Alms-House. on Walnut St. Philada. -- Erected in 1745. Taken down in 1841.