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Fine oysters.

E. Ketterlinus & Co., plain and ornamental printer and lithographers, no. 40 North Fourth St., Philad'a.

The wharf.

Grand reception ball in full regalia in honor of the Grand Lodge of the United States. I. O. of O. F. [invitation]

The butcher.

Summer luxuries.

Fashions for spring and summer 1853 by S.A. & A.F. Ward, No. 62 Walnut Street Philadelphia, Pa.

The staff of life.

E. Ketterlinus & Co. label printers, no. 40 North Fourth St., Philadelphia.

The rag tender

Keystone Marble Works. S. F. Jacoby & Co., Market St. betw. 20th & 21st Philadelphia.

E. Ketterlinus & Co., letter-press and lithographic printers, no. 40 North Fourth St., first door above the Merchant's Hotel, Philadelphia.

The farm. A scene near Gray's Ferry, Philada. Co., Pa.

Fashions by S.A & A.F. Ward spring & summer No. 62 Walnut Philada. 1852.